Why is it good to have a moving coordinator?

Hiring Moving Experts - July 29, 2021

A moving coordinator is a person who is managing and overseeing the moving process. He/she can give you information on how to get from point A to point B and guide you through the process. Anything you want to know about moving, you can ask this person. Sounds really helpful, right? If you consider hiring this type of help, contact Evolution Moving DFW. Below you can find a list of reasons why it’s good to have a moving coordinator.

Reasons why it is good to have a moving coordinator

Before you definitely decide that you want to hire help, like movers Richardson TX, you should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages that this brings. Even with the help of a moving company, planning was always left to the person who is relocating. Imagine having to plan the process on top of all the other things that need to be done. Often, people notice the absence of a plan on the day of the move. The help is there but you have no idea how to properly use it. This is the job of a moving coordinator.

Man looking at papers on the wall
Planning everything on your own can be exhausting and even impossible


A moving coordinator will organize the whole moving process. He/she will help you decide about the best way to pack your belongings, the timeline of the actual moving day and so much more. Think about it as having your personal organizer that’s in your pocket.

Overseeing the process

A moving coordinator will oversee the whole process and make sure that everything goes the way it was planned. They will also contact the full service movers Dallas for example, to make sure that they keep up their end of the bargain. With this type of help, you will feel like the move is getting done by itself.

It’s good to have a moving coordinator because he can give information

You don’t give so much thought to some things during the move. Like, how many fragile items you own or what cannot be legally packed. But things like this are important for the packing service you hired. Knowing this kind of information can give you a smooth and stress-free transition Also, your moving coordinator will want to know what kind of truck fits in your driveway or if you have any items that need special attention. He/she will make sure to know all this info beforehand so that he can arrange extra services if needed. He/she will ask you all these questions before the moving process even starts, to be able to stay on top of things once the move is happening. In return, you can ask him/her basically everything that might interest you about the move, since he/she has great knowledge about logistics and relocation.

Two men talking to each other
Your moving coordinator can answer all your questions about moving


A local move will probably involve just one company, while a long-distance relocation might involve 3-4 at different points for things like:

  • Preparing items for transport
  • Transport
  • Setting things up upon arrival (for this it is especially good to have a moving coordinator, to make sure everything is ready when you get there)

Coordinating all these people on your own can be exhausting. Your moving coordinator will make sure that everybody is on the same page and that everything goes smoothly.


The only disadvantage that comes with hiring this type of help is the cost. It can be really expensive sometimes to hire a moving company plus a moving coordinator. But taking into consideration the fact that the move goes without any problems, it turns out worth the money.

Conclusion on why it is good to have a moving coordinator

We hope to have brought closer to you the meaning of having a moving coordinator by your side during relocation. Those are stressful times when every kind of help is welcome. Since everybody wants to avoid stress, here you can read more about making a move less stressful. Good luck with your relocation!

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