When is the hardest time to find good movers?

Hiring Moving Experts - May 13, 2021

Moving can be sometimes difficult and stressful. No matter which season you choose to relocate your home or business. Is it a long-distance move, or you just move a couple of blocks away. The hardest time to find good movers is within the moving season itself, which is spring and summer. Due to the good weather conditions, people are choosing that time of the year. Also, their budget plays a big role in hiring moving companies for the relocation. Each season has its pros and cons. And in each season you will have a hard time finding the right moving company that suits your needs and budget. Long-distance movers Fort Worth residence recommends can help you relocate with ease. No matter which season you choose.

The hardest time to find good movers is summer

When it comes to moving, summer is one of the busiest seasons. From mid-May until mid-September. The moving prices are much higher than during other seasons. Because moving companies have less availability. In general, more people are moving in summer. So in order to get a good price, you have to book your movers as early as possible. You should not be surprised if movers cancel their arrangements because of the high demand for the season. That is just the reality in the moving industry. Another thing is that certain items like electronics need special attention under extreme heat.

Man checking the inventory.
You will have to book your movers as early as possible if you want to relocate during summer.

On the other hand, there are some benefits from relocating during summer. Good weather conditions are the first factor, which also means much better road conditions for you and your movers. Unlike in winter, where it can be really dangerous. Another good thing when moving in summer is the longer days. On average, you may get five extra hours of daylight when compared to the winter. This is a significant advantage of moving in the summer. And with residential movers Fort Worth TX residence recommends, you will be done before the night sets up its way. The schools are on the break which will ease up the whole relocation when it comes to your kids. They can then start on the first day in their new schools.

Spring is considered as the second-hardest time to find good movers

Spring is considered also among the hardest times to find good movers. Also, because it’s in between winter and summer. This means you will not be freezing nor experience hot temperatures during your relocation. You might say that you will have ideal weather conditions. So you can prepare in advance when it comes to packing. But you can also hire a professional packing service who will deal with your belongings. Since most people want to move in the summer, they most likely want to buy a house in the spring. This allows you to sell your house at a great price. You will also get good moving deals during the spring. Since the demand isn’t high. Prices should be lowered since the availability of the movers is going to be higher. Keep in mind that the closer that you get to summer, the prices go way up.

Kids preparing for class.
Children will have exams during spring, which can make your move more difficult.

When it comes to the downside of relocating in spring, it is because of the school. Especially for older children with exams, sports, prom, etc. This could make your move more difficult if you have school-age children. Since your going to relocate during the school year. You should prepare to avoid leaving boxes and furniture outside because of the unpredictable rain. Because spring is known for it. Also, make sure to seal the boxes and cover your furniture because of the pollen.

You will get the best prices in winter

Here are the benefits if you choose to relocate during this time of the year:

  • Better price since winter is surely not one of the hardest times to find good movers – Because not many people are moving during that time and the movers are more available. Expect better prices than any other season.
  • Highly skilled crews –  During winter the movers only keep their top workers, who have more experience. And they will less likely cause damage to your belongings.
  • Better real estate deals – Winter is the slow season for real estate as well. This means that fewer people are buying houses. This might be a great time if you want to buy a house for yourself and your family. You will surely get it cheaper than in other seasons.
Icy and snowy road.
Icy roads can make it difficult for your movers.

On the downside, the cold itself makes moving very difficult. Roads freezing over should be a real concern for your winter move. Icy roads can cause delays in your move. You also have to consider the shorter days. Which means that your movers will have to work in the dark. Like in spring, if your kids are in schools it makes it difficult. Not only would they have to adapt to a new house and new surroundings, but a new school as well.

Fall is considered to be as the best time of the year for the move. The weather in the fall is cooler than in the summer. Also, the demand for moving companies starts to cool off after the busy summer. Road conditions are also very good, and there is less traffic after the summer. Evolution Moving Company Dallas-Fort Worth can help you relocate. No matter where you are going to move.


No matter which season you choose it is always hard to find good quality movers. Summer is considered the hardest time to find a reliable moving company. Because of the good weather, the demand is higher. And most people that have kids are moving in that time of the year since the schools are closed. Regardless of the season, you will likely save money on your move by choosing a mid-week, mid-month date. Be prepared and enjoy your new city.

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