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Packing Tips - June 27, 2021

When you are moving, the two most important questions are: how to prepare, and when to start packing. If you ask the best movers in Fort Worth, when is the best time to start packing, they will probably say: as soon as possible. People tend to underestimate the time needed for packing. And this is the same, regardless of you are packing the studio, one-room apartment, or a big house. Packing is physically difficult, but there are also a lot of emotional pitfalls. It is possible that during decluttering you come across something that has a special meaning for you. And guess what? You will be carried away by memories. So, it can easily happen that you continue packing only hours later.

Will a longer packing time reduce the stress?

There are different opinions of how much time people need for packing. And when is the best to start to pack? The recommended time ranges from 3 to 8 weeks. Of course, if you have that much time until the moving day. The general opinion is that the sooner you start packing, the less stress you will endure. And will have enough time to rest properly.

A man is standing at a table and leafing through a book
Many people have a problem to start packing.

Based on years spent in the moving industry, the long distance movers Fort Worth recommend 3 ways to minimize stress:

  • Make a detailed moving plan
  • Start packing early
  • Hire professionals

What if you need to relocate within a few days?

In case you need to relocate on short notice, you will not have the luxury of slow and meticulous packing. You will probably panic and start to throw things in the moving boxes without much order. You will only have in mind the shortage of time and fast approaching of the moving day. In such a case, to save your nerves as well as your possessions, there is a better solution. Ask for help. The North Dallas movers have a skilled crew for this job. They will organize both packing logistics and packing itself and complete it timely.

A woman seating on the carpet in front of sofa and coffee table, with headphones and starting to pack clothes in the suitcase, not to miss best time for packing
Start with easy tasks, not to miss the best time to start packing

You know you have to start packing, but still leaving it for “tomorrow”

Many people have a problem to start packing. They know they should, but for some reason, they are, day by day, leaving it for “tomorrow”. The only thing they accomplish doing so is the extra stress. How can you make yourself start with packing?

  • Start with easy tasks (pack first the things you are not emotionally attached to)
  • Motivate yourself (force yourself to envision your moving into the new apartment)
  • Reward yourself (treat yourself with a nice dinner, or ice cream, for the well-done job)

As with any other task, when you actually start packing, the job will continue to go on, by itself.

When having a problem with packing, ask friends for help or hire professionals

The best time to start packing would be immediately after deciding on the moving date. However, knowing about moving day weeks, even months in advance, doesn’t guarantee you will have enough time to complete it on time. You and other family members are working. Kids are going to school. You have to organize moving supplies. This leaves you weekend and time after working hours for packing. Moving tips and tricks can help you organize your packing better. You can also ask friends to help you. If not having enough free time, to be on the safe side, you can always make a call. With professional movers helping you with packing, you will avoid stress and procrastination and have a comfortable move.

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