What to pack last when moving?

Packing Tips - April 13, 2020

It’s a well-known fact packing is the most time-consuming and boring task when organizing a relocation. You need hours and hours just to sort through your belongings. Afterward, you will need to make an effort to fit all the items in moving boxes. Especially if you decide to do it on your own, instead of hiring professional long-distance movers Texas. But, what if you happen to need an item that’s already been placed on the bottom of the moving box? Digging back in the boxes you spent hours to pack isn’t the best option, right? Therefore, when packing your belongings, you have to think about organizing your items so that you have easy access. So, here is a useful list of what to pack last when moving.

Which items to pack last when moving- the basic steps

Documents should be packed last when moving

Logically, you won’t pack your ID documents, such as a driver’s license. However, you shouldn’t forget that you will also be going to need your contract with the moving company. Or your inventory list when moving out. There is a big chance you will need to consult your phone book and a map of the new area. Hence, leave this kind of items until the moving day comes.

Connection devices amongst the items to pack last when moving

This applies to your phone, along with its charger. Also, you might find some batteries and extension cords useful, as well. Whether to plug in some necessary equipment or just to turn on your music player. Then, we think it’s a good idea to leave your laptop unpacked as long as possible. You may need to look for some last-minute information about the best packing services Fort Worth TX.

Toiletries and medicine- pack them last before moving out

There’s no doubt you will need your hygiene items and prescription medicines. Therefore, you have to set them aside so that you’ll be able to use them on Moving Day. Also, leave aside some stress and pain-relieving medications, too, along with the first-aid kit. You have to be ready to cure possible moving injuries.

Toiletries should be packed last
Don’t forget to pack your toiletries in the end.

Basic tools

In the process of moving out, you are surely going to need a screwdriver or a hammer. Therefore, make sure to leave them for packing at the end. Also, don’t part ways with your pocket knife and a box cutter until you finally move out. Finally, make sure you have a pair of scissors and a flashlight within easy reach, as well.

More items to pack last when moving

  • Bedding

When the morning of the moving day comes, you’ll have to pack the sheets and blankets you slept in. Therefore, reserve an appropriate box for them. Also, you can use it to pack the towels you used until the last moment.

  •  Cleaning materials

Don’t forget you will have to clean your old house before moving out. Hence, don’t pack the cleaning essentials beforehand and get a sufficient number of trash bags.

  • Snacks, drinks, and toys

You won’t be able to use your kitchen for the last couple of days before you move. Therefore, you’ll probably order your food. However, you’ll need at least some eating utensils and disposable cups and dishes. Also, we suggest you get some light snacks and non-perishable food with you, as well as instant drinks. Don’t forget to leave a can and bottle openers to pack last because you’re going to need them. Finally, pet food and kids’ toys are also among the things to pack last when moving. Your animal friend will need your care and its routine even on the moving day. Also, make sure to leave the kids’ favorite toys to go last into moving boxes.

Bedding should be packed last before moving out
You shouldn’t rush with packing the bedding, as you are going to need it until the last day.

More tips on what to do before packing the last items when moving

We’ve listed the most important items you should leave to pack last before moving. Now, let’s talk about packing itself. First, when packing, reserve the best moving boxes for the items you’ll need till the last minute. Pack them separately and make sure you easily find whatever you’ll need first in your new home.

Which rooms to pack last when moving?

After we’ve described in detail what to pack last when moving, here’s an idea of what rooms to pack last. This way, you’ll understand better the logic behind what order to pack your house when moving.

Frequency of occupation implies which room to pack last

Logically, the last rooms to pack should be the ones you use daily. It’s simple- you’ll want to continue to use those rooms up until the very last moment. So, you are naturally going to need the bathroom to be functioning until you leave. Therefore, you should leave packing your bathroom items for last. Also, you’ll need to get a good night’s sleep before the moving day. Hence, leave packing up the bedroom for last, as we already mentioned in the beginning.

From hard to easy principle

You should know that the easiest rooms to pack should also be the last ones you tackle. Therefore, we suggest that you start packing from the hardest rooms to pack, such as storage areas. Naturally, you will still have enough energy and motivation. Thus said, don’t leave packing your garage for last. It is likely your energy level and packing enthusiasm will be severely depleted.

Packing a garage
Don’t pack the garage last when moving, because you won’t have the energy to do it.

Ask friends to help you pack when moving

Even if you start early, you may still fall behind your packing schedule. And if that happens, you can always ask for help, whether from the professional packers or your friends. There’s no doubt packing the last box is always more fun to do with good friends. So, organize a packing party and invite some of your best friends. This will be an entertaining mix of business and pleasure. However, don’t forget to invite them as early as possible to avoid disrupting too much your friend’s plans.

The summary

Now when you know what to pack last when moving, we’re sure the process of packing will go smoothly. Good luck!

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