What to do before your movers arrive

Hiring Moving Experts - November 21, 2019

If you want to organize a successful relocation, you should start preparing well in advance. Also, pay close attention to even the smallest details. Those often have significant consequences for the entire process. Besides working out your moving budget, getting several estimates and hiring the best movers in Fort Worth for your situation, you still have to prepare well before the movers arrive. Even after you have booked a full-service move, there are a number of things you should do yourself. Especially because those things can speed up the moving process. You will also be able to minimize the risk of damages, problems, and setbacks. When you learn how to prepare before your movers arrive, you will save a lot of valuable time and avoid headaches on Moving day!

Here are the most important things you should do before your movers arrive:

Bunch of clocks
Home movers who had no difficulties when moving house were either lucky enough to come across skilled and reliable moving companies or had enviable organizational skills!

Declutter your home

Sort out your belongings and purge your home before your movers arrive in order to simplify the process before packing services Fort Worth TX do the rest. Sell or donate all the household items you will no longer need in your new home. It will save you the time required for packing them and the money for shipping them.

Get insurance

Choose appropriate insurance and protection plans and buy an additional policy if necessary. This is highly important in case you need to move items of great monetary or sentimental value. Make sure you understand all your options. Learn all the points of a moving contract. Investigate the specific conditions between the types of liability protection that your chosen movers are offering you.

Create an inventory before your movers arrive

Create a very specific inventory of all the items you are about to move. Inventory is very practical when you’re trying to organize your stuff. It will also provide proof of the contents of your household shipment if something goes missing or gets damaged. Don’t forget to list the serial numbers of all of your electronics and appliances, together with all their brands and types.

Clean and organize an old home

Make sure that you clean and prep all the items that you’ll be packing inboxes. You should take them to your new place already clean and in good condition. You don’t want to find damage to your devices and furniture pieces. It’s a good way to avoid stains on fabrics or dirty appliances, etc. These are some of the obvious steps you should do:

  • Unplug, empty and clean all the electrical appliances. You can start with the fridge, dishwasher, etc. Remove the batteries from all the devices that you will be transporting in the moving truck.
  • Empty all your drawers, cupboards, and bookshelves before your movers arrive;
  • Drain the fuel out of your fuel-powered tools and equipment that you’ll be taking with you;
  • Take all the covers, decorative cushions, linen, etc. from your beds and all other furniture pieces that have them. Also, pack all the bedding separately.
  • Prepare all the small items before your movers arrive – put them in sealable bags, so that you don’t lose or scatter them during the transportation. Actually, souvenirs, small decorations, desk organizers and other miscellaneous items might only delay your movers and get in their way. That is why you should pack them yourself even if you have hired professional packers.

Separate items that are not going on the moving truck

Put away the items that your movers should not pack and load on the moving truck right away. We advise you to mark a no-pack/no-entry room in your home. This is where you’ll store everything that you will not leave for the movers. Some of those important items are:

  • Personal documents;
  • Valuables – heirlooms, jewelry, artwork, collector items;
  • Essentials box;
  • Small electronic devices of crucial importance – laptop, phone, camera, tablet.
  • Measure doors and prepare furniture
Check for rain before your movers arrive
Take precautionary measures for your moving day according to the current atmospheric forecast.

Arrange your schedule for the moving day, plan for pets and kids before your movers arrive

All the above-mentioned preparations will come very handy on the day your movers arrive. However, what matters the most for a successful move is whether you will be there to oversee the whole process. You will be responsible for providing relevant information, proper directions and invaluable assistance to your movers. That is why it’s important for you to arrange to be in your home when the movers arrive.

  • We recommend you to leave your children and pets with someone you trust until all the moving obligations in your old property are over. Away from all the mess and the chaos, they will be calm and happy and won’t be in your way. You will in return be able to concentrate on the important matters at hand.
  • Even hiring a babysitter to look after your young ones in a separate room is a smart move. That way they will not be disturbed and you will be at ease. Also place pets in an appropriate kennel or cage, or in a fenced area for the day.

Secure personal data before your movers arrive

Make sure no one has access to your personal information before your movers arrive. Keep all the credit cards and bank information securely hidden and locked. Protect your computer with a strong password. You can shred any old documents in order to protect your privacy and even prevent identity theft! Better safe than sorry.

Double-check everything

Before you move out, go through every corner of your old home one last time to double-check everything. Make sure nothing is left behind before your movers arrive. Ensure you have extra bags and boxes, packing tape and bubble wrap for last-minute packing emergencies!

A girl carrying a box
Put labels, color-codes, or specific instructions if needed on every box. Point out if you want something to be handled with special care.

Final thoughts

A good sense of humor and keeping the atmosphere friendly can help reduce the tension on moving day. When you don’t allow stress to build up, your relocation experience will be nothing short of a gratifying project. So, how to prepare for the arrival of your chosen professional movers? Here at Evolution Moving we have trained for all moving challenges and evolved our techniques to create the best experience for our clients. Call us today and book your safe relocation!

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