What places to visit after relocating to Fort Worth

After the Relocation - August 1, 2022

Just 32 miles west of Dallas, Fort Worth is somewhat less popular than its neighbor city, although it is also full of major tourist attractions. It still carries its nickname “Cowtown”. The nickname origins in the city’s deep roots in the cattle ranching industry. Apart from that, there are several other wonderful places to visit after relocating to Fort Worth like the celebrated Stockyards National Historic District. So why not let Dallas Fort Worth movers relocate you to this charming town filled with old-west-themed entertainment? With professional movers by your side, you’ll be able to enjoy your life in Fort Worth sooner rather than later. Meanwhile, we’ll show you some places you should visit after relocating to Fort Worth, so let’s get into it.

Tourism is strong in Fort Worth

Today, the city opens its attractions to nearly nine million visitors annually. People come for work and play and enjoy all the amazing places to visit after relocating to Fort Worth. In addition to historic landmarks, Fort Worth is home to wonderful art museums! You’ll also find beautiful public spaces here. For example, the oasis-like Water Garden. Then you have entertainment venues including the Bass Performance Hall. And all the shopping sprees you could ever need – go to Sundance Square. Let some of the finest long distance movers DFW has to offer to relocate you to this town known for its diversity and dedication to human rights. It has been one of the first Texas cities to establish non-discrimination laws.

The skyline of Fort Worth on a sunny day.
More than 9 million tourists visit Fort Worth every year.

At #1 among the best places to visit after relocating to Fort Worth: The Stockyards

Since its establishment in 1866, Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District has garnered fame for its unique character. And it’s based on its origins in the cattle industry. It is the last big stopover on the Chisholm Trail – and the last remaining historic stockyard in the US. In its best days, being one of the best places to visit after relocating to the City of Fort Worth, it saw millions of cattle pass through.

  1. Today, the area is one of Fort Worth’s biggest tourist attractions and takes visitors back to these good ol’ days of the great cattle round-ups. But now you also have all kinds of entertainment and fun things to see and do in one of the top places to visit after relocating to Fort Worth.
  2. From rodeos to live music shows, museums, and western-themed shopping sprees. Even several of the old cattle driving traditions live on, and you might still be able to see volunteers demonstrating the art! We recommend you begin your adventure at the Stockyards Visitor Center or the Stockyards Museum in the Livestock Exchange Building.

Fort Worth Water Gardens

Nestled in downtown Fort Worth, right next to the Convention Center, the Water Gardens are far more than simply a collection of pretty fountains to gaze at. These gardens are an attraction you should definitely not miss, and they are one of the best places to visit after relocating to Forth Worth for a reason. They were built to allow visitors to cool themselves in the flowing water, as a refreshing contrast to the hot urban landscape of this southern city. The Water Gardens were built in 1974 and have three pools cooling a 4.3-acre park. After relocating with local movers Forth Worth, make sure to pay a visit to this wonderful attraction.

  1. The largest of them is the “active pool,” a 38-foot-tall terraced area that waders use as steps as the water flows over the stone and into a central pool.
  2. The “aerating pool” is a mesmerizing collection of fountains that stand beneath the shade of towering oak trees. This site is especially beautiful at night when everything is lit up.
  3. The last one, the “meditation pool” is one of the truly peaceful places to visit after relocating to Fort Worth. It is surrounded by cypress trees, while water slides across the sheer walls and down into a calm, blue pool.
A woman holding a camera and taking a picture of one of the places to visit after relocating to Fort Worth
Prepare to take some photos when visiting Fort Worth Water Gardens.

Fort Worth Zoo

Almost everyone loves visiting a zoo every once in a while. And, every zoo has something unique, so let’s see some facts about the Fort Worth Zoo.

  1. Opened in 1909, Fort Worth Zoo had somewhat of a humble start with just a handful of animals, but over the years it has grown into a world-class establishment with hundreds of species from around the world. It is home to 68 endangered and threatened species. This is the only zoo in the US that has all four species of Great Ape (chimpanzees, gorillas, bonobos, and orangutans).
  2. It also houses one of the world’s most successful flamingo breeding colonies! Besides all of these accolades, it is one of only five zoos worldwide to have two of the five rhino species.
  3. And if that is not a good enough reason why this is one of the most interesting places to visit after relocating to Fort Worth, here is a list of its cute zoo residents: penguins, cheetahs, African lions, giraffes, meerkats, hippos, and even elephants with their babies.
  4. In addition to its fun and a vast range of animals, the zoo offers several attractions, including the Country Carousel, rock climbing, the miniature Yellow Rose Express Train, and even a phenomenal petting zoo.
Penguins walking in Fort Worth Zoo, which is one of the best places to visit after relocating to Fort Worth.
One of the best places to visit after relocating to Fort Worth is the Fort Worth Zoo, where you’ll be able to see some penguins, among other animals.

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth focuses on post-WWII art. It exhibits a large permanent collection of 2,600 modern and contemporary pieces. In many different types of media. Designed by Tadao Ando, this unique complex has five incredible pavilions of concrete and glass overlooking a one-and-a-half-acre reflecting pond circled by a lovely sculpture garden and terrace. The museum is one of the most important places to visit after relocating to Fort Worth. If you contact residential movers in Fort Worth TX, you will be in the heart of the Cultural District in no time. Rely on our safe, swift, reliable, and efficient moving services!

Sundance Square is also among the best places to visit after relocating to Fort Worth

Set right at the city center, Sundance Square is one of the most favorite places both among Fort Worth locals and tourists. Maybe when you hear the name, it may not sound like there will be a lot of things to do there, but, you’d be wrong. Sundance Square gives you the opportunity to visit various restaurants, coffee shops, and boutiques. The emphasis here is on boutiques because shopping in Sundance Square is very popular. And, when you become a Fort Worth local, we’re certain that this will be one of your favorite places. And, in order to start your Fort Worth life on a high note, try to avoid the exhausting moving tasks like packing. You can ask for professional packing services Fort Worth TX has to offer and prepare yourself for the new chapter in life.

A woman holding shopping bags after shopping in the Sundance Square, which is one of the best places to visit after relocating to Fort Worth.
Sundance Square, one of the best places to visit after relocating to Fort Worth, has a lot of boutiques where you can go shopping.

John Wayne: An American Experience

Just by hearing this title, you can assume that it’s something fun. This is actually one of the newest museums in Fort Worth, and as the name says, it is dedicated to a legendary actor, John Wayne. This museum celebrates his career, not only by educating people about his movies and some trivia but by displaying unique items as well. Although you may not go there regularly, it’s certainly one of the best places to visit after relocating to Fort Worth.

Texas Motor Speedway

Anyone that loves car racing has surely heard about the Texas Motor Speedway. This venue is home to dozens of racing events throughout the year and it can host as many as 200,000 spectators. Even if you don’t fancy going to a live event, you can experience the track yourself. It is open to visitors and you can choose among various car activities, including giving a racing car a spin, go-carting, etc. And, the fact that the majority of this enormous venue is in the northern part of Fort Worth, makes it easily reachable after moving there with local movers DFW area, which is certainly great news for anyone looking forward to visiting Texas Motor Speedway.

Two race cars on a track.
Texas Motor Speedway is one of the largest racing venues in the United States.

The Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge

A city that has a nearby place in nature where you can escape the city noise and yet enjoy various outdoor activities will always have the advantage over a city that doesn’t provide this opportunity. Luckily, Fort Worth has this beautiful nature center. It’s a wonderful landscape very close to the city, with miles of hiking trails. It seems like a perfect weekend getaway after a busy week at work. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best places to visit after relocating to Fort Worth. And, if these outdoor getaways are something that the city of your choice needs to have, now you have no reason to hesitate because the Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge awaits you. As soon as you ask for moving services Fort Worth has to offer, you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful nature of the Fort Worth area.

Settling in Fort Worth

Fort Worth is truly one of the best places to live in Texas. As you saw throughout this article, there are so many places worth visiting, that you will simply never get bored there. But, even if we put all these activities aside, the fact remains that you will have a great life in this Texan gem. There are a lot of job opportunities, and the cost of living is reasonable as well. Plus, you’re going to enjoy the benefits of the tax system like you would anywhere in the Lone Star State.

As for getting there, we would highly recommend you hire professional movers. No matter how great the city you’re moving to is, it will be a rocky start to your new life if you opt for a DIY option. So many exhausting tasks to tackle will take a toll on anybody. If you have bulky and oddly shaped items like a pool table to move make sure you contact pool table movers in Fort Worth. They know how to relocate it safely and efficiently to your new place.

The skyline of Fort Worth photographed above the nearby park.
Relocating to Fort Worth is much easier with reputable moving professionals by your side.

Some items are especially difficult to move and it would be a shame to put them at risk. This involves pianos, art pieces, pool tables, etc. So, why jeopardize their safety when you can let piano movers Fort Worth TX has to offer to take care of it? Give yourself a chance to have a great moving experience and allow the reputable moving professionals in the Lone Star State to handle this for you. 


Moving to Fort Worth will be a change for good, that’s for sure. If you are a person that likes to get the most out of your free time, then this is certainly a city for you. We mentioned some of the best places to visit after relocating to Fort Worth and rest assured there are many more. We’re sure you can’t wait to start enjoying Fort Worth, so if you want to move there quickly in an efficient manner, make sure to contact Evolution Moving Company DFW. Your relocation will be silky smooth and you can shift your focus toward enjoying everything that Fort Worth has to offer. We wish you the best of luck!


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