Ways to earn money from moving

Moving Preparation - January 27, 2021

It’s no secret that moving isn’t the cheapest endeavor. There are quite a few fees and expenses you have to cover, from paying an advance for your new home to paying long distance movers Texas. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that so many people look for ways to lower moving costs and save some money. If that’s something you can relate to, we have some great news. We’re pleased to tell you that not only can you save some coins, but you can even earn money from moving! Don’t worry, we’re about to explain.

The first step towards earning money from moving: downsizing

When you’re relocating, you can expect a lot of good things to come from simply taking the time to downsize your home. One of those things is saving or even earning money from your move. So, before you start packing, take a look around – are there things you could live without?

A couple packing after decluttering and earning money from moving
Before you put your things into boxes and call the movers, make sure you aren’t packing anything you no longer need – declutter.

If so, we suggest finding a new home for them. For the items that are worn out and unusable, that might be a recycling center near you. However, other things can be donated or sold. The latter option is more wallet-friendly, of course. Not only does this help you earn extra cash, but it also helps lower your moving costs. Because the weight of your shipment affects the moving price, your moving quotes Forth Worth will be lower once you downsize.

Time to earn some money before the big move!

Organize a garage sale

One of the best ways to earn money from relocating is by organizing a garage or yard sale. Notify the people in your area about the sale and lay your things out when the day comes. If you need some garage sale tips to make it a success, here’s how you can be a better salesman.

  • Promote your sale – make sure people know about your garage sale. Advertise it around your neighborhood, spread the word over social media and maybe even ask friends to help out.
  • Be prepared for bargaining – expect some of the visitors to try and get lower prices. Let them! If you see that something can’t be sold for your estimated price, agree to the lower offer. It will be worth it in the end.
  • Put the good stuff in the back – put the more valuable pieces that are likely to be sold in the back. That way, people need to go through all the other things to get to the good part. Who knows, they might pick something else up.

Sell your things online and earn money from moving

After your garage sale is over, don’t worry if you still have things left. Take pictures of the remaining pieces and put them onto websites like eBay. Selling things online makes your things available to a larger audience and people who might be willing to offer a higher price. So, there’s still a chance to earn money while moving so you can splurge on residential movers Fort Worth! You have nothing to lose – try it.

Which items can you sell?

In case selling your things and earning money from moving sounds appealing but you don’t know what you can sell, don’t worry. Here are some of the ideas of items that you could sell.

A box of books on a dresser
If you want to earn some money, but you don’t know what you can sell, start by looking at your bookcase.
  • clothes and shoes
  • books
  • furniture
  • home decor
  • appliances
  • kitchenware

And with that, you’re ready to earn money from moving and make sure you can cover the costs of movers Fort Worth. As you can see, it’s not that hard. Start by downsizing and it will kind of snowball from there. Happy selling!

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