Top Dallas neighborhoods for families

After the Relocation - November 26, 2020

You decided on moving to Dallas. Great news! But we must ask do you know what kind of neighborhood are you looking for? More importantly, what kind of neighborhoods Dallas offers. Don’t worry, we will point out a few among the top Dallas neighborhoods for families worth checking out. And do not forget that you should create a moving plan, search for long-distance movers in Fort Worth, and cover packing as well. Let us together cover it all and find a great place for you and your family.

You should get ready for moving while searching for top Dallas neighborhoods for families

To make your relocation time and cost-efficient, you should cover moving steps while searching for top Dallas neighborhoods for families. This way you’ll be ready and relocate as soon as you find an appropriate place to raise your family. So, start with a moving checklist and write down everything you must do before the moving day. You should inspect all your belongings and figure out what should be donated, and what to pack. Once you know how much stuff you move, you can calculate your moving costs adequately. But before you do it, you should browse for full-service movers in Dallas and find reliable movers to take care of your relocation. Movers will help you calculate moving costs, provide moving estimates, and provide additional moving services if you need any.

A family packing for relocation
Do not wait for the last moment. You can begin your moving plans straight away.

Also, you should cover all the legalities and make sure all your documents are up to date. You are maybe moving from a different country and laws are different from ones in Dallas. Therefore, you should check what should be updated or changed and prepare yourself for it. And finally, the packing process. It is the most complicated and time-consuming part of each relocation. You should obtain enough packing materials and start packing gradually. If you take it slowly, you can pack within a week, or you can pack in two days if you have a helping hand. Although, you should consider skipping this one by enlisting movers to do it instead. Check out packing services Fort Worth TX and let the professionals pack, unpack, and relocate safely. It is a cheap solution that will save you precious time.

Let’s start with Murphy

Someone who is looking for a new place for their family will probably ask straight away about the crime rate. That’s why we begin our journey in Murphy where the crime rate is as low as it can get. Statistically speaking, this would be the best low crime neighborhood in Dallas. Murphy suburb area offers great schools for your children rating among the top in the country. And we must mention that it is a growing community with a promising real-estate background. You will for sure find a home here and settle in. Moreover, this place has all the everyday necessities packed. Stores, malls, restaurants, groceries, coffee shops, etc. And we will not forget Murphy Central Park where you can have a picnic with your family or engage in sports and other activities. Definitely one of the best candidates worth checking out.

Onto the Fairview

Fairview is a small town resembling the Texas-style countryside. Yet another place with an amazingly low crime rate right next to the Murphy that we already covered. And it is a fairly small place with less than 9000 inhabitants. A small and quiet town where you can raise your family in peace and enjoy the serene views of the nature surrounding it. Check it out and do not miss Wildlife Sanctuary & Heard Natural Science Museum. Along with Beaver Run Park and Creekside Park where you can take your kids to a picnic or a playground. All in all, you should pay it a visit and you will most likely rate this one at the top of your picks.

Fairview is one of the top Dallas neighborhoods for families
A playground surrounded by nature! All you can wish for your kids.

Check out Colleyville

Located between Forth Worth and Dallas, Colleyville is a suburban town that has it all. Here you will find peaceful suburbia and wild countryside perfectly merged into one. Although, the whole area is leaning toward homeowners with farm housing and family homes. Large lots give the opportunity for larger estate or even farms with animals. Your kids will love it. But, if you find a nice and cozy place for your family, you won’t miss out either. Nearby you’ll find Sparger Park covered in trees, greenery, playgrounds, hiking trails, etc. Everything one family needs. Check it out and consider this option for sure.

Frisco is amazing

You noticed that all top Dallas neighborhoods for families we covered have a Park or a green area nearby. Frisco is no different with it’s amazing Lewisville Lake and all the greenery surrounding it. Yes, you guessed it right, a perfect place to bring your family for a picnic and nature-loving. Now, not everything is revolving around nature. Frisco is famous for its school districts and the great choice when it comes to education. Also, it is strategically located in a way to provide easy access to freeways, airports, and Dallas. But you do not need to go far because you have all the shopping, restaurants, and family fun located in the Stonebriar Centre. What is good about Frisco, is if you ever get bored of it, you can refresh yourself in a nearby neighborhood or a major city in less than an hour ride.

And the last one is Prosper, one of the top Dallas neighborhoods for families

Again, another smaller community for you to check out. Prosper is by all means like Fairview with the spacious yards and big lots. If you wish to get your hands on a larger property, this place is probably the best one for it. Moreover, here you’ll find the community a bit more sport-oriented. Your little ones will love the baseball, soccer, and volleyball fields available. The same goes for the Frontier Park designed for walking, picnics, and various sports activities. All in all, a place to raise your kids in for sure. So, look no further, give your movers a call, obtain free estimates, pack up, and hit the road! Prosper awaits!

Couple of kids kicking footballs
Come to Prosper and ensure a prosperous future for your kids.

And there we go, a few top Dallas neighborhoods for families you should check out. We listed a top five you should look at before you continue your search through the vast options when it comes to Dallas neighborhoods. Hopefully, we helped you organize and find one easier. And whatever your choice may be, we wish you a safe relocation and a prosperous new beginning. Good luck.


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