Tips on relocating a pool table to a studio

Moving Preparation - September 21, 2022

Those who have a pool table could consider themselves the lucky ones. Having indoor fun whenever you like is something that most of us wish for. Numerous gatherings with friends and fun nights are organized and you do not have to leave the warmth of your home. However, when the time for the relocation comes and you need to exit your current place, people who own pool tables are in problem. Relocating a pool table to a studio is a complex and demanding task. That is why if this is something that is waiting for you, you should hire Evolution Moving Company and let the professionals deal with this bulky item.

Tips on relocating a pool table to a studio

One of the most important tips on relocating a pool table is that you should know the place where you are moving it to. You must check if there is enough room for your pool table in your new home. Speaking of moving to a studio, you will most likely lose some extra space you have in your previous home. That is why having a floor plan is crucial. Not to mention that the pool table movers Fort Worth that you have hired must know where it will be placed.

billiard ball number 10 ready for packing and relocating a pool table to a studio
Be careful how you relocate your pool table

Cleaning before packing

Before you start packing the pool table, you must be sure that it is clean. Get some products that are required and clan the pool table. If you had a lot of friends over, there must be some stains on the table that you have not cleaned before. So get informed and get the right products. Once the pool table is dry and clean, you are ready to pack it. And if you hire professionals, like local movers Fort Worth has, you can be sure that the pool table will be in the same share and clean after the relocation.

If it is possible, assemble before relocating a pool table to a studio

Most of the pool tables that we have in our homes are in numerous pieces. That is why it is important to assemble it before the relocation. If you are not sure how to do it, you might leave it to the professionals.

Once you assemble and get all the pieces on the side, you can clean them once again. You are not obligated to do it, but cleaning them once more will definitely save you time after the relocation and when putting it up again.

Make sure that you have written down all the pieces of the pool table. You do not want to lose any art of it. It will cost you more to find the missing part and replace it with a new one than to buy a completely new pool table. Plus, the list of items will also help local movers DFW you have hired. They will know where to pack all of these items when they load the moving truck.

Can you move it by yourself or is it better to hire professionals?

In theory, you can relocate everything you own. However, when the time for the relocation comes, you will most certainly regret not hiring movers. Of course, this special moving service will cost you more money than relocating and packing it yourself. But if you realize the damages you can do to your table, house, and yourself, you will change your mind.

One of the things that might happen if you choose to move a pool table by yourself is that you might hurt your back. These heavy pieces of furniture we have are hard to lift. That is why if you do not do it properly, you can cause some injuries. The biggest differences between you and professional movers are that they are trained to lift and carry heavy items. You are not. If you plan to move it by yourself, you need a few weeks to stay in shape to lift it without getting hurt.

man playing games on pool table
Do not forget to clean and pack the balls from a pool table before relocating them.

The biggest reason people hire professionals for relocating a pool table to a studio

The other reason why hiring professionals for this is that they have the equipment needed for this type of service. They have dollies and tools that will help them assemble and carry the pool table without any trouble.

With this equipment, they will not damage the pool table, floors, and walls of the house when they relocate it.

Plus if you inform your movers that there is a pool table that needs to be relocated, they will send as many people as needed. If you move it by yourself, you need to find people strong enough to help you. This can be the biggest problem. Not everyone you know can fit heavy items. And there are small chances that all of them will be available the day you need them.

Tips on what to do after relocating a pool table to a studio

Well, the first thing you will do is take some coffee. After you have showered and relaxed, you can start by putting together your pool table. Make sure that the movers have placed all the parts of the pool table in the same place. And after you have reassembled your pool table, you are free to play some games.

And the best part of this is that this pool table, although it will take a lot of your space in the studio, is a great break dealer when meeting new people. Call new friends over and get to know each other through some games.

friends around pool table
Relocating a pool table to a studio in your new hometown will help you meet new friends.

Relocating a pool table to a studio is a hard job. That is why separating more money and hiring professionals to deal with it will be the smartest choice. Pack everything else. And after the relocation, play some of your favorite games on your without-a-scratch pool table.

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