Tips on moving a pool table in the DFW area

Moving Preparation - September 14, 2022

Moving household items and furniture to a new house or apartment can be complicated. There are many steps you need to undertake before completing your relocation. It is especially hard if you decide to conduct the moving process independently. Moreover, if you possess bulky items such as a pool table, the situation gets trickier. Consulting professional movers in DFW area can be a lifesaver in this instance. Evolution Moving Company Dallas-Fort Worth will teach you all you need to know about moving a pool table in the DFW area. Read the following instructions and makes sure you prepare well for the upcoming relocation.

Tips on moving a pool table in the DFW area

Having a pool table in your house means that fun is guaranteed when you invite friends over for a dinner. It is a convenient game to play with friends and everybody likes it. However, a pool table is one of the heaviest objects a household can possess. Dealing with the relocation of such a bulky object requires good preparations. Surely your pool table movers Fort Worth are here at your disposal, but there are some things you should do as well. Here are the most important things to be aware of when moving a pool table:

  • measure the pool table and doorways
  • disassemble the table
  • wrap and label each part
  • hire reliable movers
a person playing pool
Having a pool table in your home guarantees fun evenings with friends

Measure the pool table and doorways

Before you begin to disassemble the pool table, it is recommendable to measure it, as well as to measure doorways and pathways. This way you will know if the major table parts can fit through the door without causing any damage to the walls and doorways. You can even wrap the sharp edges of the table in plastic foil or bubble wrap to minimize the risk of damage. Besides measuring the space in your current home, you should do the same in your new home to check if there is enough space to bring the pool table in and fit it.

Disassemble the table

It is impossible to move the pool table without taking it apart. Table legs, rails, slate, and felt are the main parts that need to be dismantled. In order to disassemble the pool table correctly, it is advisable to use the manufacturer’s instructions. Bear in mind that you will need to use an adequate tool in order to take the pool table apart, such as a staple remover, a screwdriver, and a socket wrench.

Side pockets and rails are the first parts to be removed. After that, use a staple remover to remove the felt. Remember to handle each object with care as it might get damaged. Use the power drill to unwind the screws that hold the slate. Be careful when doing this, as slate is unusually easy to damage. If you decided not to hire professional movers, you should ask a few more people to help you move the slate, as it is the heaviest part of the pool table, and a single person is unable to hold it on their own.

door to be measured before moving a pool table in the DFW area
Before moving a pool table in the DFW area make sure to measure the doorways and disassemble the pool table

The final step of disassembling a pool table is removing the legs. You can do this by placing the table upside down or sideways. Make sure you do this very carefully and with assistance from other people, as you might hurt your back.

If you want your pool table moved by professionals, you can always rely on your local movers Fort Worth. As skillful and experienced movers they have the tool, equipment, and knowledge to disassemble your pool table and transport it to another location.

Wrap and label each part

After taking the pool table apart, make sure to secure the parts. Wrap them in bubble wrap and put each part in a separate plastic bag. Label the bags to make reassembling easier and more efficient. Use a moving blanket to covet the slate, and for additional safety use duct tape to secure the objects.

Moving a pool table without taking it apart is possible only in cases you are moving it to another room. In that instance, you can use dollies, table lifts, and furniture sliders. However, moving a pool table to another apartment or house requires a lot more work, tools, preparation, and, of course, assistance from other people.

Hire reliable movers

Moving a pool table on your own might seem economical, but it can actually take up a lot of your time and effort. In the end, you might even end up with damaged parts of the table or dented walls and floors. The best thing is to leave it to the professionals and hire local movers DFW to help you relocate such a bulky item. Professional movers possess the right equipment and tool to properly disassemble, relocate, and reassemble a pool table.

a person carrying moving boxes
Hiring a renowned moving company will facilitate your relocation to a great extent

The pool table is a valuable piece of equipment, and it needs to be handled with utmost care. Experienced movers have already dealt with this kind of task in the past, and they know exactly how to conduct the process of relocating a pool table. When you decide to move a pool table without professional assistance, you should have in mind that it takes at least six people to lift and move such a heavy piece of furniture. Involving people in such a risky task where they might get hurt seems irresponsible.

Once you hire professional movers to deal with moving a pool table in the DFW area you will have nothing to worry about. With adequate equipment and great expertise, the moving staff will disassemble and move your pool table in no time. This will leave you a lot more time on your hands to explore the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and devote yourself to organizing your life in a new home.

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