Tips on moving a piano short-distance in Fort Worth

Packing Tips - July 27, 2022

Pianos are one of the greatest musical instruments of all time and up until today, billions of people around the globe enjoy their sound. They are beautiful and complex which makes them harder to move and it requires skill, precision, and patience. If you are not sure how to do it consider asking for help from your family or friends. But if you want to move it stress-free, you should consider hiring pros. Dallas Fort Worth movers would like to give you a couple of tips on moving a piano short-distance in Fort Worth. So let’s dive in!

Moving a piano short-distance in Fort Worth requires the right tools for the job

First of all, you should clear everything out of the way.  So the pathway should be clear and in our opinion, this is the last thing that should be moved because it’s complex and massive. After decluttering, packing, etc. then you should consider moving and packing it. Also, don’t forget you’ll have to carry it out afterward so this is a complex process. We as professional local movers DFW would like to provide you with the equipment that you’ll need for this job.

  • Working gloves
  • A van or a truck
  • Tightening straps
  • A ramp
  • Thick blanket or fabric (plastic wrap can be used as well)
  • Dolly straps
  • Pads (cardboard is the best)
  • Furniture Moving Dolly (it must be heavy duty) 
Moving truck getting filled with covered furniture on a rainy day
The moving truck is essential when moving a piano short-distance in Fort Worth.

Now there are mostly two types of pianos: grand and upright. So if it’s the grand piano then remove its legs (unless it has wheels) it’ll be much easier to move around. Don’t forget to remove all the carpets as well. The second type of piano is upright and they easily fall on the side because they are really heavy.

Protecting the keyboard, wrapping the piano, and lifting it

You’ll have to close the lid first so that it doesn’t open during the move. If the lid doesn’t close fully you should not use tape to hold it closed. The keys need to be safeguarded since they are delicate. Local movers Fort Worth has to offer would advise you to wrap the piano neatly. Don’t touch the surface of the piano with the wrapping tape cause you’ll damage the surface after removing it. While packing use pads or blankets to ensure that the edges are all covered and well wrapped. You don’t want to bump it anywhere, so make it thick and use some hard tape. When it comes to lifting remember this: don’t touch the legs or lift it by the legs. Also, you’ll damage the inner mechanism if you lay it on the side so keep it in an upright position.

Now for the lifting part, you should first put the tightening straps under the opposite ends of the piano (two-man required). So you’ll need four-man after the first move to lift a piano onto the furniture moving dolly and secure it. Check if the legs are sitting flat on a dolly and that’s it, sounds simple? Well if you are not sure how to do it experienced pool table movers Fort Worth residents recommend, can help you with pianos and pool tables as well. Be warned that the average upright piano weighs 260 lbs., grand 1100 lbs., and pool tables vary from 700 lbs. to 1500 lbs.

musical instruments store
Upright pianos are a bit easier to move because they are lighter but they can drop on the side more easily.

Keeping the piano safe in the truck and moving it into your new house

Now when it comes to moving the piano in the truck or a van, remember to put it into the back. It must be at the back so you should load it first before the other boxes. It’s the last thing that you’ll unload. You should use wooden planks to make an elevation to get it in properly. As you know truck floors or van floors aren’t on the same level. After you’ve placed it in make sure that it doesn’t move. Now you must have a clear idea where you’ll put it in your new house.  If you’re moving to a big city alone we advise you to talk with the pros. Unloading it is just a reverse phase of loading so do it backward simply said. Also, pianos should be close to walls so that they keep them away from moisture and cold weather.

Consider hiring professionals while moving a piano short-distance in Fort Worth

We don’t want to sound boring or repetitive but this is a highly complex process and it requires a lot of planning. Also, one thing that we didn’t mention is that if you get into any obstacles in the way that’ll make the whole moving process a lot more dangerous. Also, it’s more complex if you have kids, pets, or anything that might be around. Another thing that professionals handle that most people can’t are stairways, elevators, or really tight spaces. Even in 2022, some apartment buildings don’t have elevators so imagine taking it up to the 3rd floor.

A professional mover with a box in his hand, thinking about moving a piano short-distance in Fort Worth
Professional movers are properly equipped, well trained, and prepared for moving complex items such as pianos, pool tables, hot tubs, etc.

That would be it for today and thank you for reading our post. We hope that we helped you with this topic. Those were our tips on moving a piano short-distance in Fort Worth. These were just our suggestions and our opinions as professional movers. If you have questions about piano moving or moving in general contact us.  We can also offer you a free estimate, you can contact us through our website, or email or you can give us a call. Have a great move!



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