Tips on how to make your home more kid-friendly

After the Relocation - October 9, 2019

When it comes to house decoration, many parents wish to have trendy pieces of furniture and fashionable living space. But, this idea sounds unrealistic for people with children. It is often impossible to have a fashionable home with toddlers running around. On the other hand, it is manageable to combine fashion with function and create a family-friendly space. But, this is quite a challenge. In many cases, there are best movers in Fort Worth who can help you with some advice. So, in this article, we’ll present you with many creative ideas to adapt your household for children. Because there are so many ways to make your home more kid-friendly. The final idea is to make a kid-friendly space that you will love too.

Embrace the kid in you

Many of us would love to be a kid again. Even for a while. That’s a very important thing to do, especially in these serious times. So, consider adding some fun and silly element to your home. Not only you will amuse the kids, but also yourself. If you need a pitch, try getting an animal toothbrush holder or any kind of fun art print. Your mission should be to add some silly elements to your home and make your everyday life a laugh. Because life is too short to be serious all the time, right? Don’t worry about the rest when it comes to moving. Moving services Fort Worth will take care of the rest.

Add fun items to make your home more kid-friendly
Allow your kid to have silly and fun toys or items to make their space more kid-friendly.

Include your kids in decorаting and make your home more kid-friendly

A great way to make your kids feel important is to get them involved in decor decisions. Let them pick some decor items they can relate to. For example, a set of playful cushions for their playroom or a fun, quirky clock are amazing room accessories. They will make your home kid-friendly for sure.

Another great idea for a kid-friendly home is to bring nature into their space

It is scientifically proven that growing plants have a positive effect on the mind. Not to mention that it is a great source of oxygen. Therefore, allow your child to look after his plant in the bedroom. Not only the children will enjoy having their private garden, but they will learn to have responsibility. Also, let them select a plant in a garden center that they like. Make this visit an adventure. Finally, you can buy a simple terracotta pot and let the kids paint and decorate it as they please. That will make your home more child-friendly.

Kids will love the plants
A plant will have multiple influences on your children. Also, it will make your home more child-friendly.

Build a fort for your youngsters

Every child loves to hide. You can use this fact and make your children their own oasis. You don’t need much. Just a sheet, pegs, and some chairs. You can easily set up a tent in the corner of a room. Also, add some cushions and a soft blanket. Not only the kids will play in it, but maybe they will even take a nap in there. That is if you’re lucky enough.

Respect their privacy and keep out of their space

If you want to make your home more kid-friendly, you have to give your children their space. So, give them their playroom where they can build, paint and draw. This will keep all the creative flair in one room. Also, remember that the key to a successful kid-friendly space is good storage. That is why you need separate boxes for toys, blocks and craft products. You’ll see, this will make tidying-up a breeze.

Make your home more kid-friendly by creating a space where they can chill

Even though children are always on the go, they too need a space and time to chill out. Especially after a stressful relocation. We recommend creating a zone where they can read and relax. All you need to get is a couple of beanbags, a few floor cushions, and a small bookshelf. Add some picture rails to display books in corners, and you’re all done. A simple, yet effective, idea to make your household kid-friendly.

Create a nook for you kid.
It is important to make a relax zone for your child. It can be used for reading and relaxation.

Find creative ideas for storage

As we previously mentioned, the key to a real kid-friendly space is good storage. That is also a good opportunity to get multifunctional furniture and add some kid-friendly elements, as well. Hense, get several baskets and put them into empty corners and put attractive boxes into open shelves. The idea is not to have all the toys lying around your living area. These boxes and baskets will be a great solution to store goodies, but will also add some color. Also, get a trunk or chest where you can store toys and use it also as a low table. After all, there are so many other storage solutions that are practical and fun at the same time. Get creative.

Use your kids’ masterpieces to make your household more child-friendly

All the kids love to create something and then share it with others. Use this fact and pick a few masterpieces and put them in large frames. Big frames are a good option to fit most of their artwork and then change the pictures every few months. Also, you can put a piece of string in a children’s room, along with wooden pegs. Your children will eventually be thankful for your efforts to create a kid-friendly home. Trust us on this one.

Last but not least, make your backyard more kid-friendly

We bet your kids spend too much time on their computers and phones. Or they just started going to a new school and spend most of the time learning in their room. But, there are ways to get them outside. Include some playful elements to your backyard or courtyard and make it a fun place to hang out. Here are some of our suggestions.

  • A treehouse
  •  A Wendy house
  • A sandpit
  • A climbing wall
  • A swing.

In case you have tight space and a blank fence, create a giant blackboard where your kids can play games on. For example, crosses or hangman. The good side is that you can manage all this in only one free afternoon.

A treehouse will make your backyard more kid-friendly.
By building them a treehouse, your kids will have their hideaway.

Let’s sum it up

Although creating a kid-friendly space is a big challenge, it is possible to combine fashion with function. We hope that we’ve managed to help you to adapt your home so that your children can have fun and explore. After all, don’t forget to make your home more kid-friendly and to enjoy it all the way. We wish you a lot of fun!

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