Tips for settling disputes with movers

Hiring Moving Experts - July 22, 2020

Getting a great moving company that can relocate you without any problems is not hard these days at all. Moving with companies like Evolution Moving Company Fort Worth is not complicated, but there are just some things that happen and we are not able to have any effect on them. Normally, if something you own gets damaged, you will have no issues getting a moving dispute with your moving company. But, sometimes we are just not as lucky. We are here to make sure you know how to handle it in the best and the easiest way. With us, you will be settling disputes with movers like a pro!

How do you do a great job when settling disputes with movers?

Making sure that you deal with settling disputes with movers the right way is really important. You have to be prepared for it both mentally and physically because it can take some time and some nerves. If you do everything right, you will be done with it in no time. The best solution is to choose the best long-distance movers Fort Worth offers and you will be fine. But, there still might be an accident that you have to deal with. Here is what you should do:

  • Prepare for this as much as you can mentally
  • Read the contract with the movers
  • Call your movers and tell them what’s the problem
  • Get your inventory list
  • Get the photos you took

Do your part of the job and you will be just fine. Moving companies usually don’t have a problem with dealing with the disputes and you will be just fine. Don’t worry, if you know what your part of this job is, you will be successful when it comes to settling disputes with movers.

Prepare your nerves for a long dispute process

Prepare for this as much as you can!

The thing is, moves are hard and they will get you down, and if anything goes wrong, you will have an even harder need to us quit. Don’t do that! Your belongings got damaged or the movers didn’t even show up? Your belongings got stolen? You have to do something about that! The chances are that it will last for a quite some time, but it’s your job to go through with it! Even the best residential movers Fort Worth TX offers sometimes have accidents and that is why you have to be ready. Don’t give up!

Take a look at the contract first!

You started unpacking and noticed that some things are missing or are completely gone? You should get your moving contract and get to know what you need to do to start the dispute! Your belongings are much more likely to get damaged during the long-distance move. So, make sure you get the contract and start reading. But, first, take a look at liability options that your movers gave you.

If your belongings got damaged, moving companies deal with it in one of two ways. If you are moving to another state, for example, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration takes over and sets the rules. You can get the Full Value Protection, where they have to pay for the belongings that are damaged or lost. Another option is Released Value Protection, where you get 60 cents per one pound of the damaged or lost belongings, in the best case.

This means that the best possible decision that you can make during your relocation is simple- Valuable and breakable items are getting moved with you, by the car or by the plane! This is the one and only way to move all of your belongings that are more expensive than 60 cents per pound are moved safely to your new home, so you won’t be at lost, or at least not too much.

a contract
Take a good look at your contract before you get into this process!

Start settling disputes with movers

Once you realized that your belongings are damaged or missing, and took a look at your contract, make sure you call the overs right away. Tell them what the problem is, and make sure you are polite about it. Getting in a fight before you even get any kind of offer is not ok and you should never do that. Just remember- the person that picks up the phone is not responsible for what you are going through. But, if you are nice, they will feel more like helping you out with your move.

Being prepared for your relocation before anything bad happens is the key!

If you want to be sure that settling disputes with movers are something that you are capable of doing, you can be sure that you have to be sure that you did your homework before the move. So, before you even hire the movers, make an inventory list. This way, you will have all your belongings in one place. Once the movers make their own list, you will easily compare them. Only sign it if you compared and everything is fine.

Another important thing you have to deal with is taking pictures of your belongings while packing them. Get the photos of your belongings, boxes, belongings in the moving truck, and so on, so you can have a proof that they were not damaged during the packing, but during the moving period. If you don’t have much time, all you need to do is take photos of expensive and fragile items. This way, you can file a dispute in no time!

a camera
Take pictures of everything and you will have the proof

Conclusion- you will be settling disputes with movers in no time if you know how to

There is nothing to worry about, reputable and respectable moving companies will make sure you get the best moving service and they will do their best not to get your belongings damaged in the moving process. But, as we said, accidents happen and there is nothing you can do about it. Settling disputes with movers is not hard if you know how to do it.

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