Tips for selecting a moving package that fits your budget

Hiring Moving Experts - November 25, 2019

Moving is always difficult on your wallet. Just the mention of moving costs gives you a headache. Starting with the average cost of relocation around $1,200, no one feels overwhelmed with joy when moving. But no matter how anxious you feel about this number, there’re a lot of options that could save you money. From asking your friends for help or calling in the professionals, there are ways to reduce moving costs. Here are some tips for selecting a moving package that fits your budget. All of them will help you answer the question of questions: How much money could I save while moving?”

How to select a moving package that fits your budget for a long-distance move

Logically, the priciest moving services are the ones for a long-distance move. Just the distance is enough to raise the price. If you opt for hiring professionals, there’re always reliable long distance movers in Fort Worth you can rely on. Here is our moving costs checklist we find useful to study before selecting a moving package that fits your budget.

  • Professional moving companies charge around $90-$120 per hour. The above range is the cost of hiring two movers and a truck for a local move.
  • When it comes to tips for your movers, it goes around $5 per mover, per hour. But it is up to you to decide whether you should tip your movers.
  • Boxes and other packing supplies will cost you from $94 to $1,000, depending on the number of items to pack.
picking money or home - selecting a moving package that fits your budget is a difficult task.
Selecting a moving package that fits your budget will finally depend on your needs and possibilities.

For a low-cost local move, here are useful tips for selecting a moving package that will fit your budget

When it comes to relocations, you have two important factors: time and money. The less of time you have, the more money you’ll be ready to pay, and vice versa. Also, the best movers in Fort Worth are booked months in advance. You should consider that fact. Anyway, if you want to save some money on moving costs, you have to invest a lot of time. Also, recruiting a few friends to help you is always necessary. Here is our moving costs checklist to help you calculate before selecting a moving package that fits your budget.

  • You will need to put away around $20 for your friend or family member with a truck. They will need money for gas, but you can always slip them some cash to thank them.
  • Additionally, you will need between $20 and $40 to buy them something to eat while helping you.
Is money the most important thing when selecting a moving package that fits your budget?
When selecting a moving package that fits your budget, you have to choose between money and time.

Comparison of a low-cost local move and a long-distance move

You can’t use a low-cost method for a long-distance move but only for a local move. It will be almost impossible to take your friends and their vehicles along for the ride. So, this moving solution is the right one if you are moving just across town.

How to select a moving package for a mid-range or in-state move and stay on a budget?

When it comes to moving a farther distance, organizing a relocation is a lot more difficult. You have to consider so many factors. One of the good choices is borrowing a truck. However, if you don’t have a friend that could lend you one, you can always rent a truck. If you chose this option, here are the costs you can count on.

  • You will have to pay around $94 to $1,000 for boxes and all the necessary packing supplies. Or you can always pick it up for free from a local grocery store.
  • A moving truck will cost you around $20 to $70. The cost will depend on the size of a truck and for how long you rent it. The mentioned costs range from a 14-foot truck to a 24-foot truck for an 8-hour rental.
  • Also, count on a truck mileage ($0.68 to $1.10 per mile).
  • Calculate the fuel cost of your specific move.
Selecting a moving truck sometimes isn't a moving package that fits you.
If you’ve selected a moving truck as the option that best fits your budget, be prepared. You’ll need to make time for it.

More useful tips for selecting a moving package that fits your budget

If you plan to organize this type of move, we recommend doing it in the off-season. Try scheduling your move between September and May. The reason is simple- prices of rental trucks increase from 20% to 100 % during the summer months. Also, if you are hesitant about driving a big moving truck, there are self-service movers. They will just drive the truck and you can still help by doing the packing and unpacking yourself.

The summary of moving costs

In case you want to have exact numbers in one place, we got it. Here’s a list of the most important cost that will help you select a moving package that fits your budget.

  • Cost to Hire a moving company

When it comes to short-distance move, the price goes from $80 to $100 per hour. For a long-distance move, the prices are higher- from $2,000 to $5,000 per load.

It depends on the type of relocation. For a local move, you will need around $900 and for a cross-country move around $10,000.

  • Cost to rent a moving truck

Logically, the price depends on the size of the truck. So, for a small truck and a local move, you’ll need around $50. For a large truck and a long-distance move, you’ll need around $2,000.


As you realized, the costs can vary based on where, when, and how you are moving. Anyway, we hope that you will use these pieces of information before selecting a moving package that fits your budget. We wish you a successful relocation and enjoy your new home.

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