Tips for packing your living room furniture

Packing Tips - June 9, 2021

Your living room is home to an extensive assortment of things, including electronics, artwork, and heavy furniture. Maybe some of your living room furniture and other assets are reasonably ready to pack. But many of these household staples will demand a special thought. When packing your living room furniture, the best way to get started is to start by decluttering. All the things that are still in good, working condition can be donated or sold, but anything broken or falling apart should be tossed. However, by implementing these tips and you can pack your living room without any possible issue. 

Useful bits of advice when packing your living room furniture

To help you out, here you can find some moving tips that will help you easily pack your living room and keep your items safe. Before you start packing your furniture, make sure you acquire packing supplies in advance. Get a plastic stretch wrap, packing tape, bubble wrap, furniture blankets, and everything else you believe is necessary. Packing your furniture for moving will likely comprise the bulk of your moving preparation for this room.

A mother with her kids packing their items
Make sure to follow bits of advice when packing your living room furniture for more efficient packing

Start by emptying any drawers or shelves, and whenever possible, separate any modular pieces like sectional sofas into individual components. Keep the hardware in a plastic bag that is surely labeled or securely attached to furniture. Then you can start wrapping your furniture for your move. But before that, think wisely will you do the whole process by yourself or by finding some help from movers North Texas

Couches, chairs, and other upholstered items

When moving upholstered items like couches, armchairs, or furniture, you should care to protect the items from damage such as rips, stains, water damage, and dust. To avoid this kind of thing, make sure to get in touch with full service movers Dallas. Most moving companies will shrink wrap any upholstered items before placing them into the truck. Simply to assure they don’t get dirty during the relocation.

Therefore, you should always ask before your moving day so you know whether you need to suitably wrap and protect your furniture by yourself before your packing services arrive. 

Steps to wrap your furniture in moving blankets:

  • Wrap your furniture perfectly in moving blankets. Assure that any finished wood components are covered.
  • Tape the blankets in place, then seal using shrink wrap. Poke holes in the shrink wrap so your furniture can breathe on, and take not to directly shrink-wrap upholstered furniture. Because this can cause condensation that will ruin the fabric, notably for leather furniture.
A man doing his best when it comes to packing your living room
Try your best, but have in mind that you should hire a good moving company with packing services for a load-free process

Be prepared for packing your living room furniture

Packing the living room is more complex than any other room in the house since people usually keep a wide variety of items there. So be sure that it would be much better if you find yourself some assistant like residential movers Fort Worth. Living rooms are spaces where people spend most of their time. There are different electronics, fragile objects, and large furniture. Therefore, when packing your living room furniture, you’ll need to be careful. When packing some specific items from your living room, pay attention to:

  • TV stand. When you move a TV stand, make sure it’s empty, and start by removing the doors. Then, remove the screws that hold the hinges and put both of them in a plastic bag. Finally, use bubble wrap and packing paper for the doors to keep them protected. Repeat the same process with the shelves.    
  • Tables. To pack a table, first, you need to remove the legs. After you disassemble them, wrap each of them with bubble wrap and the table leaf with a moving blanket.

You can always follow these moving tips when it comes to packing your living room furniture, or you can always include the assistant of a moving company and move stress-free. Furthermore, you can always explore more options by reading these 5 tips for packing a moving truck like a pro and find the proper movers to rent a truck, and let yourself feel relaxed. 

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