Tips for packing your fine china

Packing Tips - April 29, 2021

The fine china collection you have in your home requires adequate protection when moving. These items are usually passed down from generation to generation. Because of it, they usually have a high sentimental value, rather than a monetary one. We help you with packing your fine china so that it arrives safely at its new destination. If you are having issues with the packing or relocation process – hire the best movers in Fort Worth to help you with everything you need. The best way to ensure your items are safe is to allow professionals to handle them in a proper manner.

Some useful tips for packing your fine china

As we mentioned, your fine china collection is quite fragile. Like glassware, these items will require both wrapping protection and cushioning. These two things are something that will play the biggest part in preserving the condition of the items.

a couple wrapping items in packing paper as a demonstration on how to pack your fine china before the move
Not only are these items fragile, but they also have a high sentimental value and should be properly protected

Another factor that can play a big part is hiring North Dallas movers to help you in the relocation process. Having professionals handling your most valuable and fragile items is one of the best ways to ensure their safety. However, if you decide to pack the items yourself, you can utilize our tips on adequate packing.

Obtain adequate packing supplies

Packing supplies play the biggest role in the protection of your valuables. They will not only protect your items from breaking, but also from scratching and cracking. Some of the basic packing materials suitable for this type of relocation are:

  • Moving boxes in various shapes
  • Packing paper and bubble wrap
  • Cushioning materials

So, before the moving company arrives, make sure your items are properly protected. Packing your fine china with adequate materials is the best way to ensure they survive the journey. Setting up cushioning materials is a great way to add additional safety to the items.

Wrap your fine china items separately

Instead of stacking saucers, for example, you should wrap them in packing paper or bubble wrap one by one. This will prevent the items from scratching each other and damaging other items inside the box. In addition, separate different types of your collection when you are packing your fine china. Use multiple boxes for different items like drinkware, glassware, saucers and plates, bowls, etc.

a couple sitting on the floor while putting items inside a box
Avoid stacking items together and packing them in that manner – instead, wrap them individually for additional protection

Make sure to label each box as well. That way, when long-distance movers Texas arrive, they will know that they need to handle the boxes carefully and with maximum care.

Packing your fine china cannot be complete without adding cushioning layers

To ensure the safety of your items, place soft materials at the bottom of the moving box. The best part is that you can mimic professional packing techniques by using the items you have in your home. For instance, you can use a sweater to place it at the bottom of the box. This material will prevent any damage in case the box tumbles in transit. More importantly, place a layer of cushioning materials between each layer of items you store in the moving box.

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