Tips for packing your bedroom furniture

Packing Tips - September 16, 2021

When packing your bedroom furniture, you may find yourself in hassle. Bedrooms have a lot to pack, which can complicate things if you are not prepared. There is often large, bulky furniture like bed frames, dressers, and mattresses. There are also small, tedious items like wall decor, clothing, and linens. Fortunately, there are some things you can do and plenty of supplies available that will make your job much easier. 

Make a list of all bedroom items before packing your bedroom furniture

Firstly, it would be best if you make a list of all your bedroom items. Try not to miss anything. Making a list will save you a lot of time and trouble. Make a plan of all bedroom items for pack up, which are fragile, and which one will need special handling. Organize your belongings, and calculate in advance what type and how much packing materials you will need. That is an essential step because you may need more packing materials. When you start packing first, come to the small bedroom items and then the larger ones. This way, you will take place for the larger, and it will be much easier for movers North Texas or you to handle large bedroom furniture. Nevertheless, packing most of the bedroom items by yourself will help you have some savings. 

Items when packing your bedroom furniture
Make a list of your items before packing your bedroom furniture, and you will not make a mistake during the process

Before you start with packing your bedroom furniture, remember to declutter

Bedroom moving is a great time to sort through your belongings, especially your wardrobe, and get rid of anything you no longer need, use, or want. Likewise, this will also make the moving and unpacking process at your new place a whole lot easier. Break the room up into zones to make things more simple, and separate your belongings into piles. Check which items you will keep, which ones you will donate or sell, and the ones you will discard. Getting rid of clothes can be especially hard for some people. After all, who has not thrown out a cute but unworn top to regret it later when the trend comes back into fashion? Some items will be easy to toss, but if you are unsure which ones, try them on and see how they will make you feel.

Gather all necessary packing supplies before packing your bedroom furniture

After you have sorted and decluttered your stuff, you will have a better idea of how much you will need in terms of supplies. To safely pack your bedroom belongings, gather the following:

  • An assortment of boxes in a variety of sizes, including wardrobe boxes
  • Bubblewrap
  • Stretch or shrink-wrap
  • Masking and packing tape
  • Your preferred packing material 
  • Paper for wrapping
  • Paper or notepads for writing
  • Markers and pens
  • Garbage bags
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Tools, such as screwdrivers for disassembling furniture
  • Mattress covers and boxes
  • Furniture blankets

When packing and moving your belongings, wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move around in. Nevertheless, get in touch with residential movers Fort Worth and let them help you out.

One of the bedrooms
Make sure you gather all the essential materials before you start with packing

When you start packing, be aware of the following

With your supplies on hand, you can start packing things away. Start by picking up any guest bedrooms first. When you get to your room or your kids’ bedrooms, pack up your least-used items. Or anything you are not using until after moving day, and save commonly used items until the end. As you pack your belongings, create a list of everything that goes into each box, no matter how small it is. Tape the list inside one of the flaps so you can easily see what is in the box without having to dig through it. Make sure you clearly label the outside of the box with the following information:

  • Rooms (bedroom, guest room, kids’ room)
  • Box number 
  • Box contents (for instance, winter clothing, books, etc.)
  • Destination address

Remember to pack aside essential items in an easy-to-identify bag that will cover you for the first 24 to 48 hours of your move. Before you even start moving, get in touch with full service movers Dallas. They can provide many services you may need.

Before packing your furniture, do the next steps

  • Disassemble anything that can be apart. Place screws, nuts, and bolts into a bag, label it, and attach it to part of the furniture they come from.
  • Carefully cover furniture surfaces with paper, shrink wrap, or bubble wrap to protect them from scratches and nicks. For larger pieces, use moving blankets.
  • Wrap furniture legs with bubble wrap or leg protectors, and if possible, attach them to the chair, desk, or table they belong to.
  • Vacuum any rugs, roll them up, and secure them with ropes or tape. For extra protection, cover them with stretch or an old sheet.
  • For lamps, remove the shade and light bulb. You can also remove the harp. Wrap the lamp in bubble wrap and cushion it with packing materials to keep it from shifting in the box. 

If you are long-distance moving, be aware that long-distance movers can handle all the packing and preparation for your furniture shipment.

When packing your bed and bedding pay attention to the next

  • Pack up all blankets, sheets, and bedding materials you will not need before your move or that you do not plan on using as packing material for delicate items. To keep your linens from getting dirty during transit, place them in a suitcase.
  • Remove any sheets, blankets, and pillows still left on your bed. Moreover, if there is time, wash and dry them before packing.
  • Place your mattress into a mattress bag or box to keep it clean and protected.
  • If possible, disassemble your bed frame and box spring. 
Various items placed in the bedroom
Be careful and patient when packing your beddings, and they will arrive at your new home safely and without any damage

After packing your bedroom, make sure you do label all the boxes with their contents. Instead of remembering where you put everything, it will be much easier to label the boxes. You will save time when unpacking in your new bedroom. Since you have a lot of household items to organize, you should make a good plan yourself. 

Furthermore, find out how to protect your furniture when you move in detail. Think of all the specifics in advance. Be cautious about all expensive furniture items. As your main priority is to relocate safely, take extra measures for a smoother move. Now you probably know many ways for packing your bedroom furniture. Just be patient, and you will not have any worries.

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