Tips for packing wooden furniture

Packing Tips - November 2, 2020

Before you can call your mover you need to make a good moving plan. However, there is one thing a lot of people are not certain about how to do. That one thing is packing wooden furniture. If you are preparing to move you have come to the right place. Wooden furniture tends to be hard to pack and it is heavy to lift. Therefore our moving company prepared some of the best tips for packing wooden furniture. If you are interested in how to relocate your wooden furniture with ease then keep on reading our article.

Tips for packing wooden furniture

If you are going to pack your furniture you need to keep in mind that the packing dining table is not going to happen before you disassemble it. The same goes for the rest of your heavy wooden items. Many of them you will need to disassemble first before you can pack them for the move. For that reason, the best is to hire packing services Fort Worth TX has to offer. Take your time and do your research for the best packers in Texas. They are professionals used to handle furniture and they know the proper way of packing it. Moreover, you can learn some good tips and tricks from them regarding packing your wooden furniture.

A woman carrying the boxes
If you want to pack fast you should hire professional packers

When you plan your move you might consider it as a perfect time to replace furniture. If you are not going to use something instead of packing it you can always sell it or donate it. This is an especially good thing to do if you have old furniture pieces that are not in the best shape. It is better to sell them before you even move and order new furniture at your new home address. Therefore you need to make sure your new furniture will arrive on the same day or day after you move into the new home. If you do not calculate the time right you might have a big problem. Your new items will arrive before you do and you will need to reorganized everything. For that reason make sure you have a good plan and move according to it.

How to protect your wooden furniture for the move?

If you have never packed before here are some useful tips you should know:

  • Use your old blankets as protection for your furniture. That is the cheaper substitute for plastic sheeting. If you are not doing a green move we advise you to use plastic sheeting instead of blankets. You can easily get the plastic sheeting from online stores.
  • Be careful with packing tape. Under no circumstances you should place it directly on your wooden furniture. You will only damage it. Also, be careful when taping cardboard over the edges of your furniture
  • Make sure that your wooden furniture is empty. Wood is heavy by itself, for that reason you need to make sure your furniture is empty.
  • Collect all disassembled pieces. You should collect them in one box or ziplock bag and label them for example “Dining table screws” so you can assemble your furniture after your move.

How to pack a piano?

Moving the piano is the biggest nightmare when it comes to relocation. Knowingly that piano is the thing you will defiantly need professional help. On the bright side, there are companies that specialize in moving bulky furniture and pianos. Therefore feel free to find the best movers Plano TX has to offer and hire them for a job. They certainly have successfully relocated more than one piano in their career so you will have educated professionals to help you. However, you will also need to hire someone to help you tune the piano after the move.

A piano
If you are relocating piano hire movers specializing in moving them

Yet another thing, you need to know the technique of lifting in order to lift something heavy like a piano. If you want to avoid injuries while moving you should leave the heavy lifting to the professionals. They know the technique and they have moving equipment for the job. However, when we talk about injuries the only way of avoiding them is by hiring a professional moving company to help you with your relocation. There is only one thing you can do to help them and that is you should clear the path from your doors to the moving truck. You don’t want you or your movers to trip over something while carrying your moving boxes.

What details of your move you need to give to your moving company

When you are hiring movers you will need to give them all the needed information. First of all, they need to know your old and your new address.  Also, you need to tell them that you have a lot of wooden furniture pieces you want to relocate. This and the number of moving boxes are details you can not forget to tell. Your movers need to be prepared for the job and every surprise will cost you more than arranged. No matter if you are hiring the best movers in Fort Worth or you are hiring some moving company with not that good reviews.

One more thing you should do before the move is to get moving insurance. Wooden items can easily be damaged if they are not properly packed. And for that reason, you should have insurance. Moreover, you will not only relocate your furniture you will also have some fragile items as well. To have a stress-free moving experience you should invest some money on insurance. That is the only way you will know your items will arrive safely.

people working
In order to have stress free move, you will need to have a good plan and reliable movers

We hope this article will help you with your move. Moreover, if you have followed our guide you will have your furniture packed and ready for relocation in no time. For more information feel free to contact your moving company. Without them, you won’t be able to move all the furniture pieces on your own. Good luck with your move.


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