Tips for packing fur coats

Packing Tips - February 11, 2021

Moving from your warm and cozy home is an overwhelming process. Although you should be excited about a fresh start that comes after you arrive at your new home, you can’t stop concern about the move. As you may assume, the most difficult part of your moving process will be packing. There is no doubt, packing is the most time-consuming task where your special items require extra attention. The new home you have to find, a ton of household items you have to pack, and above all, you also need to be careful with packing fur coats. Before you hire Nort Dallas movers to help you move, learn how to pack fur coats. So, today we share some simple and useful tips that will make parking your fur coats a breeze. Although you must know essential ways to maintain and store your fur, let’s go through packing these items.

Be prepared for packing fur

As fur coats such as mink coat, shearling coat, or any garment made out of fur are the most expensive pieces of clothing one person can have, you must know how important is to keep them safe while moving. For this reason, think twice do you have enough time for packing your fur coats before the big day comes. In case you are not sure if you can handle this task, ask our best movers in Fort Worth to do this instead of you. Professional packers from our moving crew will protect your fur garments in the proper way. However, in case you want to be responsible for packing your fur make sure to use proper packing supplies. Whether you have a fur store or just have to pack your personal fur coats, make sure to follow the next tips.

Preparing for packing fur coats
Read this short article and prepare for packing fur coats.

Important things to know when packing fur coats

  • Plastic bags are not what you should use when packing fur coats. So, make sure to purchase cotton or other natural material wardrobe bags for your fur.
  • Use white, acid-free packing pads for wrapping your fur coats. There is no doubt, this is one of the best ways to protect your fur.
  • Do you own any wardrobe boxes? In case you don’t, make sure to invest your money in quality wardrobe boxes for packaging fur coats.
  • Packing more than one fur coat in the box? Make sure there is enough space between them and avoid squashing them.
  • Keep your fur away from extreme temperatures, humidity, and direct sunlight while packing fur coats.

Are your fur coats safe for long-distance transportation?

Of course, you can enlist your fur coats while packing for moving long distances. Nonetheless, if you ask our long distance movers Texas, they will tell you how important is to respect all rules when packing fur clothing for transporting long distance.

Fur on hangers
Properly packing is important for the good condition of your fur.

Make sure to get proper supplies on time

You should not even think about packing fur coats without having proper materials. So, go to your nearby Walmart and look for wooden hangers, soft padding materials, and mentioned supplies suitable for your precious fur garments. In case you couldn’t find them all, make sure to purchase online what is missing.

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