Tips for packing carpets when moving

Packing Tips - January 19, 2022

Did you find a new home in Texas and want to start fresh? It does not matter how large or small your move is, you will need to prepare for it. And packing your household items is the most time-consuming task that will enable you to prepare for the move. Moreover, some items like furniture or carpets could seem almost impossible to pack properly and transport. In case you have expensive carpets, you want to save them from damages during the move. To make your planning but also the entire moving project as simple as possible, today our full-service movers in Dallas will share with you some packing tips. With our help, you will be ready for packing carpets when moving. So, let’s see what steps to take in order to move your carpets efficiently. Let us show you how to do this task without any mistakes!

Prepare for packing carpets when moving

One of the most common mistakes when moving is not taking enough time for certain tasks. And you do not want to make this mistake when it comes to your carpets. For that reason, our Fort Worth movers advise you to consider how much time you will need for packing your rugs and carpets when moving. If you are not sure how to determine the average time you will need to complete this task, collect all your carpets in one pile. Of course, you will need less time if you have one a few carpets compared to over 10 or more carpets. Regardless of the number of carpets you need to pack, you should make a plan for this task. And we will help you do this without overthinking.

A person thinking about packing carpets when moving while standing on one of them.
Remember to take enough time for packing carpets when moving your home.

Make a plan for packing your rugs when relocating

One of the first things you should do before your start packing carpets for the move is to examine the condition of your carpets. So, take the advice from our long-distance movers in Fort Worth and get rid of carpets that are not in good condition. It will take time and money to pack and transport them, and it has no point if you will not use them at your new home. After you toss too old or damaged carpets, it will be easier to pack good ones. And the next thing you should consider is cleaning your carpets. Before you pack them, make sure to get them clean and free of scrubs. Then consider packing supplies you will need for your carpets. Also, calculate how many helpers you will need to load your carpets onto a moving truck.

Gather all it takes to clean and pack your carpets for the move

There are two possible ways to prepare your carpets for the move. You can hire packing services DFW and let them do this job for you, or you can opt for DIY packing your carpets. This will depend on your preferences and the amount of time you have before the moving day comes. Anyway, you will need to clean your carpets and avoid packing them with trapped food, dust, and other debris that will make your move messy. Once you get to your new home, the last thing you want to see are stains on your favorite carpet. So, examine the materials your carpets are made of and make a list of cleaning supplies accordingly. Check manufacturer’s recommendations and get products that will help you clean carpets without damaging gentle fibers. If you own delicate Persian rugs, you may need professionals to help you clean them.

Gray vacuum cleaner
Don’t forget to get all you need to clean your rugs.

After you know what it takes to clean your carpets, focus on getting packing supplies for them. Since you don’t want to see anything missing when packing begins, take a look below and check our list of supplies for packing carpets when moving.¬†Here are common supplies you will need to pack carpets when moving:

  • ropes and duct or packing tapes;
  • essentials such as scissors;
  • packing peanuts, foam, and plastic wrap you can purchase at Amazon website;
  • quality packing paper for packing smaller rugs;
  • waterproof, durable, and elastic packaging materials for your expensive carpets.

It is time for packing carpets

After you gather all it takes for cleaning and packing carpets, do not postpone this task. Even if it would not take too much time, you will be more relaxed if you do it on time. Check one more time when your residential movers Dallas Fort Worth arrive and complete this job ahead. This way you will avoid damaging your carpets packing in a hurry. So, determine the room of your home where you will clan and pack your carpets. Vacuum each of your carpets and remove the dust and other debris. Then, rinse the rugs with clear water only. If possible, leave carpets out in the sun for a couple of hours before packing. If there are any stains make sure to get rid of them. In the end, ensure your carpets are dry before you start packing. Now your carpets are fresh, clean, and ready to be packed.

Handmade woolen carpet
Only when your carpets are clean you can roll them up.

Roll up, tie and wrap your carpets

Wondering how to roll your carpets properly? Well, you should roll them in line with fiber. Only this way you will avoid potential damages. Once you have your carpet rolled, make sure to tie it with quality ropes or packing tape. Make sure the back of your carpets is not sticky because of using duct tape. And now your carpets are rolled and tied, it is time to protect them with plastic wrap (or garbage bags). Once again, check if your carpets are dry before your use plastic wrap. If your carpets are still wet, the wrap can trap the moisture inside. This is the last thing you want to happen when packing carpets when moving. Unluckily, this can cause mold or mildew growth that will ruin your carpets.

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