Tips for packing and moving gym equipment

Packing Tips - February 15, 2021

It is extremely very beneficial for your health that you exercise regularly. Most people would either go to the gym or buy some of the gym equipment for their house. As you might know, almost all the gym equipment is heavy and bulky. When you need to move, it can be quite challenging to transport gym equipment to your new address. For this reason, here are all the tips for packing and moving gym equipment to your new address. This would include all the practical tips on how to protect and safely transport your gym equipment, whether to hire the best movers in Fort Worth, and all the risks of moving by yourself. 

Packing and moving gym equipment with a moving company 

When you are organizing a relocation, you have to make a decision. Are you going to do everything by yourself or are you going to hire movers Plano TX? Usually, people believe that it is cheaper to organize everything by yourself. However, since you are moving your entire gym equipment, you should consider hiring a moving company. Since most of the gym equipment is quite heavy and bulky, you need professional help in order to prevent any property damage. In addition to this, you can easily injure yourself by lifting and carrying heavy pieces. Not to mention the damage you can cause to your gym equipment. These three scenarios are quite expensive if they happen. For this reason, it is cheaper to hire a moving company than to risk entering yourself or causing damage. 

black spin bikes
Find a moving company to move your gym equipment

Clean and sanitize the equipment 

After you find a suitable moving company for your location, it is time to prepare your gym equipment. First of all, you need to clean and sanitize all the pieces of equipment. Usually, people do take care of their gym equipment properly. After every use, you need to clean and sanitize the piece of equipment. This is a common etiquette when exercising. When people exercise, they can transmit bacteria and viruses via sweating. In order to prevent getting any type of disease caused by these bacteria and viruses, you need to properly clean the surface and other parts of your treadmill, dumbbells, etc. You can always buy disinfectants that come as sprays, wipes, and so on. For this reason, go to your local pharmacy or store and get one of the best disinfectants for gym equipment. Additionally, you can also use a solution of white vinegar and water. 

Packing and moving gym equipment – dumbbells and smaller pieces 

When you clean and sanitize everything, now it is time to pack your gym equipment. First of all, you need to get all the necessary packing supplies. You can use moving boxes that are strong enough to handle the weight of your gym equipment. Then, you will need bubble wrapping or packing paper to protect your gym equipment during transport. How to pack dumbbells, hand weights, and other smaller pieces? First of all, you need to protect them with bubble wrapping or packing paper. Then, you need to place them inside the box. Make sure that the box is strong enough to handle their weight. You should also fill the empty space inside the box either with packing paper or packing peanuts. This way, your dumbbells and other types of weights will not be able to move during transport. 

packing and moving gym equipment and dumbbells
Make sure to properly pack your dumbbells

Elliptical and treadmill 

Now, you need to pack your larger and more complicated pieces of equipment. If you find this impossible to do, you can always find packing services Fort Worth TX. When packing an elliptical, you need to disassemble it. You should start by removing the moving legs and pedals by unscrewing all the nuts and bolts. You can keep these smaller parts in one small plastic bag. Make sure to label these bags so you will know where those boats came from. Then, you need to wrap all the parts separately and place them in the box. As for a treadmill, here is a short guide on how to do it. 

  • First, disconnect all the wires from the wall 
  • Second, you need to fold your treadmill up and lock it in its place 
  • Third, cover it with moving blankets and secure the blanket with tape 

Packing and moving gym equipment – how to transport smaller parts 

In order to avoid those scenarios mentioned above, you need to be careful when lifting and carrying your equipment. First of all, it is relatively easy to transport smaller parts. You only need to carry your boxes to the moving truck. However, make sure that boxes are closed and sealed properly. Items inside should not be able to move during the transport. This is especially important when you’re moving your dumbbells and other types of weights. They can cause serious damage if they drop out of the box. In addition to this, you should also be careful when loading your moving truck. The heavy boxes should go on the bottom and lighter boxes should be placed on the top. This means that boxes that contain dumbbells should go at them and the boxes that contain yoga mats and similar items should go on the top. 

a man carrying boxes
You should be careful when carrying moving boxes

Transporting elliptical and treadmill 

When you are transporting your elliptical, you should follow the same guidelines as the one for weight and dumbbells. You should load all the parts separately, make sure they are firmly secured so they cannot move during the transport. You can also use moving straps in order to secure them inside the movie truck. On the other hand, when you are carrying your treadmill to the moving track, you should use a dolly. In addition to this, you will also need help when carrying your treadmill because of its weight. Once you reach the moving track, make sure your treadmill is firmly secured inside the track. Again, you can use moving straps for this purpose. If you follow all of these tips for packing and moving gym equipment, you can avoid damaging your pieces. 

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