Tips for moving while pregnant

Moving Preparation - August 26, 2021

Moving is one of the highly stressful and demanding events. And moving during pregnancy is even more complex. Sometimes it looks like it is never going to end. Besides suffering from nausea and fatigue, you are having so many tasks. And all around you is hectic. Still, some studies have shown that about a quarter of women in the US are moving while pregnant. That is making sense because it’s time to look for a bigger house or apartment. Or suppose has got the offer for a better-paid job. As the family grows, more space and financial resources are needed for living. So, let us come with few tips on how to go through this period without losing your mind. Certainly, hiring Dallas Fort Worth movers is a good idea, as they will make a good moving plan.

Plan well ahead before moving while pregnant

Good planning is essential for any move. For a pregnant woman, it is even more important. Pregnancy is very demanding both physically and mentally. This further means that it is necessary to make a good moving plan and a good pregnancy care plan. To be able to do both, the plans must be made well ahead. But, with the help of family, husband, and long-distance movers Fort Worth, all will be fine.

Man, and pregnant woman are walking on the sandy beach with waves and rock beside them, while discussing moving while pregnant.
Some studies have shown that about a quarter of women in the US are moving while pregnant.

Here are few simple things to keep in mind, to focus on:

  • Prepare well for the move – you already have the right moving company and healthcare
  • Don’t be hard on yourself – eat healthy, sleep enough, take breaks often, and delegate tasks
  • Stay positive – you have all the needed help and the move will be completed without problems

Moving while being pregnant will not stop you from working. Still, we suggest that you make physically light things like sorting the clothes, deciding about decluttering or preparing some lighter things for packing.

Focus on your and your baby’s health when moving while pregnant

Besides taking good care of your rest and nutrition, consult regularly with your doctor. Also, as you are leaving for another town, you will need an appropriate pediatrician there. You can start research yourself. We recommend you call pediatricians and making an appointment in advance. It is well known that for an appointment you have to wait weeks, sometimes months.

The girl hugged the rounded mother's belly with the baby with a happy smile.
Since moving, your doctor will be able to recommend you to a trusted colleague and make an appointment for you.

The good thing is also to consult with your present doctor. As in all other professions, pediatricians usually know each other well. That way, your doctor will be able to recommend you to a trusted colleague and make an appointment for you. This way is much faster, simpler, and more reliable. The advantage is also that pediatricians will be able to exchange opinions about your pregnancy. Your current doctor will also send your medical records to a new pediatrician.

Importance of choosing the right relocation package

First, due to your conditions, it is a good idea to check the packages that your mover is offering. Some of them include more services. That means also that you have to pay different rates. But, in your condition, choosing the right relocation package, can make a big health difference. The additional services can be one or a combination of the following services:

  • Packing, moving, and carrying
  • Assistance in your home
  • Storage
  • Help when settling in your new home

Ways to reduce stress when moving while pregnant

Pregnant women are mostly very sensitive. Irritability and depression are common, even without the additional difficulties caused by relocation. And they can easily become depressed. To prevent such things from happening, it is good to focus on your healthcare. Do it during the preparation period and during the move time. Here are a few tips on how to reduce stress when moving:

  • Stay active – help with decluttering and preparation, but take brakes often
  • Rest, read, listen to some relaxing music or watch a video clip on YouTube
  • When feeling the first signs of stress, go for a walk or visit some friends
  • Sleep properly and enough
  • Treat yourself, get a bar of chocolate, ice cream, or something you like
  • Listen to your body and stop any work at the first signs of discomfort

The small tasks will keep you occupied and make you fight stress. At the same time, be careful not to push yourself too much when moving while pregnant. Being stubborn and not listening to your body and advice, may cause serious health issues.

The baby lies on the bed and looks seriously at the mother's finger that is tickling her nose.
And your baby soon joined you in your new home.

When moving, you should clean your old home and prepare the new one for moving in

When moving, people are using strong chemicals to do proper cleaning of old and new homes. Being pregnant, you should avoid this. For this reason, we mentioned previously the different packages that your mover is offering. Some of them are including cleaning services too. If not, ask your mover to recommend you a good company for cleaning. Also, when they work with harmful chemicals, it is best that you go for a walk. Or stay for some time with family or friends. Recruiting helpers, you will have both places nicely cleaned. Also, you will prevent any harm from happening to you or your baby.

When to buy baby supplies

The last tip for moving while pregnant is about the time of buying baby supplies. Where and when you will purchase them, depends on the estimated date of birth. If the baby should arrive soon after the moving day, it is good to be ready. In this case, you have to buy the baby supplies and nursery furnishings in your old town. It will add up to a weight and thus to moving costs. Also, you will spend more time packing. However, the most important thing is that moving during pregnancy you avoid any possible threat to you and your baby.

In case the birth date is well after moving, you will have enough time to buy baby supplies and nursery furnishings in your new town. In that case, you can organize a double celebration. The moving company successfully relocated you regardless of your pregnancy. And your baby soon joined you in your new home. Can you imagine a more beautiful start?

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