Tips for moving heavy furniture by yourself

Moving Preparation - January 11, 2022

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could hire professional aid to help you move fast and easily? While it may be ideal, there will inevitably come a moment when you will need to relocate without the help of professionals. That includes moving heavy furniture by yourself. Check out moving services Fort Worth for some tips on how to make it easier to move heavy furniture.

Moving heavy furniture by yourself

Keep in mind that just because you’re moving big furniture by yourself doesn’t mean you’re completely alone. It just means you’re not getting help from professional Dallas movers. A single individual will not be able to move a couch up or downstairs. They won’t be able to load a moving vehicle with their full home’s contents, including heavy things. However, the differences between hiring a moving company and doing it yourself with your spouse, friends, or family are significant. And you’ll want to have a strategy in place for moving heavy furniture.

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Make a plan before moving heavy furniture by yourself

Let’s pretend you’re not expertly fit for lugging large weights (if you were, you wouldn’t be reading this). We’ll get down to the nitty-gritty of moving heavy furniture without the help of moving professionals.

Make an assessment and a plan

When it comes to moving heavy furniture, being as efficient as possible is the goal. Make a list of every heavy item that has to be loaded onto the moving truck. And then figure out when and where it needs to be loaded. Make sure you prepare your things before the actual move. To help balance the load and keep all of your stuff safe, place heavy goods at the back of the truck and along the sides. That means you’ll probably start with the heavier belongings. Then fill in the gaps with lighter boxes and smaller pieces of furniture.

Assemble your tools for moving heavy furniture by yourself

You’re not the first person to have to figure out how to move heavy furniture by themselves, which is wonderful news because it means there are some fantastic DIY moving innovations out there. These items can be purchased or rented, so consider if you’ll use them only once or if you’ll want to save them for future moves.

To move big furniture by oneself, you’ll need the following items:

  • straps
  • sliders
  • dollies.

Straps that move

These useful devices, also known as “lifting straps” or “furniture straps“, serve to take part of the weight off your back and arms while you’re moving a big item, making it much easier to manage. Make sure you adjust them to the size of the furniture you’ll be lifting as well as your own body size.

Sliders for furniture

If you’re moving heavy furniture by yourself, these are a must-have. Furniture sliders are usually composed of single or multi-part plastic. You place them under each leg or corner of the piece of furniture you are moving to let it glide across the floor, including carpet. They function by forming a flexible barrier between the object and the floor. Thus minimizing friction that can make moving heavy furniture difficult, and reducing the danger of damage to your hardwood, tile, or carpeting.

three friends hiding behind moving boxes
Even if you don’t hire professionals you will not lift the furniture alone

Dollies that are used to transport furniture

When moving furniture, there are two sorts of furniture dollies that will come in handy. However, you can usually get by with only having one on hand. The first is a four-wheeled square platform that you can push with or without a handle. A two-wheel hand truck, which has a smaller base than a four-wheeled square platform but helps distribute weight vertically, making it a suitable fit for tall things, is the second option. Before beginning to push, secure things to the dolly with a rope or additional straps.

Dismantle furniture into its smallest components

The more each piece of heavy furniture you can dismantle, the better. This entails removing all removable elements, including cushions, knobs, legs, drawers, and the like, so you may relocate them separately, as well as dismantling sectionals and bed frames. If you need to remove screws or other small bits to do this, make sure to place each item’s little materials in a baggie and mark it so you know what to do with them.

Use the correct lifting techniques

As you can probably guess from the list of essential equipment, you’ll be sliding, pushing, and dragging heavy furniture far more than lifting it. This reduces the amount of tension in your body and makes the process much easier. Dragging and sliding, on the other hand, isn’t going to cut it when you hit a stairwell or when it’s time to put the thing into the truck.

Bend where you need to, not where your waist is. When moving heavy furniture, the most important thing to remember is to carry the weight in your legs rather than your back. Instead of bending down, kneel down at your knees for the initial lift to properly settle the weight. When you rise, the majority of your weight distributes between your arms and legs, rather than your back.

a couple lifting a sofa
Be careful to properly lift your heavy furniture

Carry heavy furniture as close to your body as possible, rather than away from it. This accomplishes several goals. Including assisting your body in maintaining balance and engaging your upper arms and shoulders in the job. When lifting or carrying something, don’t twist your body. Keep your body as steady as possible, as twisting or making other quick motions might cause harm. When you need to twist or turn, lead with your hips and then follow with your feet, rather than the other way around.

Tips for moving heavy furniture by yourself – summing up

We hope that these tips for moving heavy furniture by yourself have been helpful. It can be challenging, but not impossible. If you follow these tips properly, everything can go smoothly. However, if you decide that it looks too difficult or time-consuming, contact movers Irving TX to assist you. Make it somebody else’s worry. Whatever you choose, we hope it goes as easily as possible.

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