Tips for loading a moving truck like a pro

Moving Preparation - June 16, 2019

So, the moving day is just around the corner, isn’t it? It is becoming gradually to sink it, right? As time passes by, you’re getting stressed due to myriads of moving chores you need to deal with in due time. What scares you most is opting for the right moving company. You’ve heard so many warnings regarding shady movers that you’ve started getting cold feet. Therefore, you’re determined to take precautions to avoid doing business with potential fraudulent movers. With this in mind, opt for local DFW movers, a trustworthy moving company that will make relocation a pleasant experience. Another moving task making you a bundle of nerves is loading a moving truck. So, here are a handful of tips on how to do load a moving truck like a pro.

Do you find loading a moving truck stressful?
Loading a moving truck makes people nervous

There’s more to disassembling furniture than meets the eye

It’s tough to relocate pieces of furniture in one piece as they are too bulky. For that reason, you should disassemble them before loading on the truck. That is especially important when it comes to how to separate bunk beds. You have to be very careful regarding screws as they need to be placed the exact same way as originally. So, a good rule of thumb is to take pictures right before you remove them because their pattern makes a difference.

Disassemble your kitchen cabinets by removing drawers. It goes without saying you should empty them first. You should bag & tag delicate items such as dinnerware and glassware. Also, pay attention to the tables. Remove table legs and cover them in protective materials such as packing paper when loading.

Make use of vacuum bags

Clothes and sheets take a lot of space. To save some, feel free to pack them in vacuum bags. That way you’ll be able to store quite a lot of your belongings. At the same way, they won’t take ample space on a moving truck. You can also use those to store towels, bathing robes, pillows, blankets which would otherwise require you to rent a truck just for relocating them. Vacuum bags, hence, contribute to your belt-tightening policy. By packing a few of them in a suitcase, you can simply load it on a truck together with other items.

Is loading a moving truck having too much on your plate at the moment?
Vacuum bags are your allies when loading a moving truck

Place a suitcase or any other container consisting of a few vacuum bags filled with your compressed belongings between other heavy boxes to immobilize them. Also, you should place them vertically to save as much space on a truck as possible.

Organize load properly

It’s crucial to be aware of the know-how of loading your belongings appropriately. For example, you need to pay attention to the right loading order. To illustrate, what you should pack first is household appliances that are the heaviest ones such as:

  • refrigerator
  • dishwasher
  • stove
  • washing machine

Put them in suitable boxes, preferably the original ones. They have been designed to keep your belongings safe. Taking advantage of this is, hence, a prudent loading tactic. If this sounds like biting off more than you can choose, consider professional packing service.

Hire a moving company

Moving under your own steam is anything but easy. It takes a lot of heavy lifting. Implementing the wrong loading techniques may cause severe health risks, especially when it comes to back and spine injuries and limb breaking due to unevenly weight distribution. That’s why you should give professionals a chance to land you a helping hand loading a moving truck properly. When opting for movers, google their online reviews and recommendations to ensure they’re legit. Contact them to get a free moving estimate.

Professional movers loading a moving truck
Hire a reliable moving company to help you load a moving truck

Furthermore, professional movers have adequate moving equipment. Dollies and moving straps, to begin with. By using those, you prevent your belongings from moving. Consequently, you decrease the possibility of damage when transporting significantly. In contrast, a collision impact is most likely to break your possessions in pieces. Apart from stress, buying new ones requires you to stretch your moving budget.

Be wary of a truck size

First and foremost, estimate the truck that suits your needs best. It should be based on the number of items you have to move. Moving trucks come in a large variety of sizes depending on how many items you need to relocate. Choose the one that has a loading capacity that fits your moving requirements.

Next, bear the relocation type in mind. Movers use different truck models in case of local, long-distance, or moving your office. If you are relocating internationally, you must hire a big, more spacious truck which is designed to handle a lot of weight for a more extended period of time due to distance.

Do not buy random packing supplies

Before you start buying packing supplies, make sure you’ve compiled a detailed list of the ones you should use. There is a plethora of them that might come in handy when relocating your belongings, such as packing paper, packing foam, packing peanuts, moving blankets, and bubble wrap. Still, do not forget the packing materials that often slips people’s mind: packing tape, scissors, markers, and stickers. In addition, take care of packing containers such as moving boxes, duffle bags, and garbage bags. More often than not, there are leftover moving boxes which you should consider reusing after moving.


To sum up, loading a moving truck when relocating is no picnic. First and foremost, you need to choose the best moving truck in terms of its loading capacity. To do so, you need to know the exact number of the belongings you want to relocate as well as their precise dimensions. Moreover, you need to disassemble your furniture before loading. Not to mention the packing that you should do keeping the appropriate packing materials and supplies in mind.

Furthermore, you ought to organize the load properly. That is why vacuum bags are incredibly useful. Lastly, be very cautious hiring reliable movers given the red flags signalizing moving scam alert.

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