Tips for cleaning after unpacking

After the Relocation - June 8, 2020

You finally relocated your home. Movers are gone and you are left there with piles of boxes, bins, bags, and furniture. You should rest for a while and then get right to it. Everything should be nicely unpacked, cleaned, and introduced to your new environment. Like packing, the unpacking process is rather tiring and time-consuming. Not to mention all the cleaning after unpacking you must do. Therefore, let us show you how to do it all without too much headache.

Inspect your surroundings. It will help you with cleaning after unpacking.

If you haven’t done this part before, now it’s a perfect time. You must inspect every nook and cranny inside your new home. This will give you insight into the space available. Then, you should quickly inspect your cargo and figure out which way to go. Of course, this widely depends on how many items you have and how big is your space and your family. So, figure out where to start, maybe the kitchen and the bathroom are your main priority. Or you would rather sleep in your fully equipped bedroom the first night. Whatever you choose, be mindful and protect floors while unpacking. You can easily damage them in the unpacking process.

A man sitting on a couch with boxes in front of him
Inspect your new environment. Figure out where to place your items and furniture.

Also, if you are still in the organizing stage of your relocation, think about purchasing packing/unpacking services. Check out movers Irving TX as the ultimate unpacking solution. Move around and supervise while your movers do the rest. Cheap and highly effective.

Fetch your essential box first.

Each relocation has the essential box or so-called “open first” box. Open it straight away and pull out your essentials you’ll need straight away. Those can be toiletries, medication, kitchenware, bedsheets and blankets, basic tools, etc. Of course, we must mention the bag with food, cleaning products, toilet paper, and so on. All those things that you can’t live without that were already packed and ready for instant use. Pull out a few dishes as well and essential appliances like toaster and coffee maker. Although, if you did not do it before, do not forget to clean your kitchen appliances before using it.

How you conduct your unpacking process will greatly influence cleaning after unpacking.

Cleaning after unpacking won’t be that hard if you watch what you’re doing while unpacking. First, begin with sorting out the boxes and appointing them to the area they belong to. Carry them over because you do not want to walk all day carrying stuff over. This kind of commotion will increase the chance of all kinds of damages. Therefore, unpack boxes in their room so you won’t move your items long-distance. Also, if you adequately marked everything with a pre-determined labeling system, then you won’t have the slightest problem. And remember, all boxes that contain fragile items should be handled as a top priority. The longer they sit out there, the more chance for someone to bump into them and break something.

A boy carrying cardboard moving boxes
Take your moving boxes into their designated areas. Make the unpacking process much easier.

Where is your inventory list?

Once your cargo is at your new place, you must cross-reference everything with your home inventory list. This way you’ll be sure that everything arrived and arrived safely. Also, your inventory list will help you locate the essential items you need right away, and to prepare some that you’ll need a bit later. Hopefully you created one beforehand because without one you’ll have a much harder time organizing a successful unpacking and cleaning.

What to do with leftover packing materials?

It would be good if you can hire movers to take care of everything. And yes, you can. There are many moving services that will make your life ten times easier. But, if you missed out on purchasing highly lucrative moving services Fort Worth, you’ll have to do it all by yourself. Therefore, prepare bins and bags. There will be a lot of packing materials to throw out and you should do it regularly. As soon as you have a bag or two, take them out. Of course, keep in mind that some of the materials should be recycled and others can be reused. Especially moving boxes. You should carefully unpack them and stack them all nicely for further use. Keep them in your garage, attic, or basement.

Now you are ready to cover the unpacking process and tiresome cleaning after unpacking. The last stage would be to figure out the floor and wall plan so you’ll know where to place your furniture and hang your paintings and ornaments. But whatever you do, take it easy and have fun with it, you are establishing your new home after all. Good luck.

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