Tips for a smooth summer move in Texas

Moving Preparation - June 26, 2022

Texas is a south-central USA state. It’s the second-largest and the second-most-populous state in the USA. Texas has 30 000 000 residents, and that number is constantly growing. The biggest cities in Texas are Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas. Houston is also the capital of this state. If you choose to relocate to any Texas city, we congratulate you! Texas is a beautiful state with very high temperatures. If you want to move during summer, you should know some things. Therefore, the best Texas movers give you tips for a smooth summer move in Texas!

You can organize a smooth summer move in Texas in a few simple steps

Texas is most commonly known for cowboys. They are the symbol of Texas. Texas is also known for high temperatures, especially during summer. Temperatures go above 90 °F during the day, which is quite high. That can influence your move. To make sure it does not interfere with your moves, our tips for a smooth relocation during hot summer days are:

  • Hire a moving company as soon as possible
  • Make an effective plan
  • Use late nights and early mornings
  • Hydrate yourself
A girl using a fan before planning a smooth summer move in Texas
High temperatures can cause your move to become much more exhausting, both physically and mentally.

Hire a moving company as soon as possible

Hiring a moving company is a must. Why is that? There are a couple of reasons. The summer months are the best for relocation. Most of the movers Arlington TX are overbooked during the summer months. Therefore, it’s harder to find suitable and available reliable movers. Another thing is the pricing. Since most people hope to take advantage of a good time, moving companies are overbooked during the summer months. Since they are overbooked, they charge more. Therefore, hiring them months in advance will help you find movers and reduce the price of moving costs. If you wait for too long, you might not be able to find movers. Or to find good movers. Many sketchy companies prey on desperate people who have not hired a moving company in advance.

Make a practical plan for moving to Texas

Planning is a key to success. After you hire local movers Texas, it’s time to make a plan. The first thing you should consider is the time you have for packing. Since high temperatures start from 10-11 AM, organize your time effectively. Packing your house will be easy since you probably have an AC in your home. However, packing a garage or your garden is much different. Therefore, you should create a plan and think about when to pack each room. If you need to pack things outside your house, it’s best to do that in the early morning or late at night. 

Also, calculate how many packing supplies you will need. It’s best to buy 4 or 5 additional boxes then go to Walmart at 2 PM. After making a plan, you will see whether you need some particular service. For example- you can rent a storage container or RV or use packing services.

A box sitting on a bed
Making a good plan is one of the tips for a smooth summer move in Texas.

Use late nights and early mornings for a smooth summer relocation

The best thing about summer is the nice weather. That is also the worst disadvantage of summer. Days are long and extremely hot, especially in Texas. One thing you can do is plan your move in the early morning. Or late night. That’s when the weather is most convenient. You can wake up early, pack some things, and work until 10 PM. Since it’s not that hot, you won’t need to turn on AC, which will save you money. After that, you can rest or do your regular chores. After 7 PM, the weather gets much nicer. Therefore, you can resume your packing. It’s important to know that high temperatures can cause damage to some goods. That’s why it’s vital to leave your belongings far away from direct light and heat. Protecting your goods is just one of the hacks for a smooth summer move in Texas.

Hydrate yourself and take some breaks

The most important thing is to stay hydrated. That is pretty obvious, but people tend to forget it, especially if caught up in work. You need to drink water regularly. When working, we tend to sweat more. Sweating is a water loss, which leads to you being more dehydrated. Drink a glass of water every 46 minutes, or even every 30 minutes if you are lifting heavy things. If workers for movers Euless TX come to help you out, offer them ice water or cold drink as well. This act of kindness is already expected from you, but we still mention it. Even though they are working, they are still humans. Offering them cold drinks will make their day, and they might even give you some tips for moving as a thank you for your kindness.

During these times, do not forget to take care of your animals and plants. One tip we have to mention is never close them in a sealed box. Or put them in a moving truck. When you move them, make sure they are in their transporter. If you move your plants, you can put them in a box that has carved out holes. You should water them before moving. As for pets, they cannot have their bowls in transporters. That’s why you need to make small breaks and give them water. They suffer from dehydration during hot summer days as well.

A cat and a dog
Do not forget to take care of your pets during the relocation.


To sum it up, tips for a smooth summer move in Texas are good planning and hiring moving company months in advance. Other than that, use early morning and late nights for doing any outside work. Also, staying hydrated is vital for both you, your pets, and your plants. If you experience signs of extreme dehydration, you should sit down and rest for some time. Since relocations during summer usually take more time, you need a bit of patience and just a bit of good luck.



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