The risks of hiring movers via Craigslist

Hiring Moving Experts - July 14, 2021

You have decided that you want to move to another city or country. Different people have different priorities. Some may want to clean first, some pack things, and some want to hire professional movers. You have checked the websites of all the movers you know, also looked for the best movers in Forth Worth, and somehow you ended up on Craigslist. Now you might be asking yourself, what are the risks of hiring movers via Craigslist?

Good sides of Craigslist

  • Like many websites on the internet, this one is no exception. It is a few clicks away, like North Dallas movers, and you can access it anytime and anywhere. You need to narrow down your search to the type of move and the city that you need. Find a service provider and call them. It’s that simple.
  • You can almost always negotiate the price so that it’s profitable for both sides. The buyer gets a good deal, and the seller gets some extra cash.
  • The chances are bigger that you will find last-minute moving options here than anywhere else but also risks of hiring movers via Craigslist that are a scam
  • By hiring movers from Craigslist, you are helping unemployed people, students, or someone that is in need of money

Sounds good, right? If you get lucky, yes, you could get an affordable move. But most of the time, that is not the case. Why?

Person using phone and laptop computer while drinking coffee
Everybody can post an ad that they are offering moving services, and that is the problem

Risks of hiring movers via Craigslist

Most movers on Craigslist don’t own a license, because the ones that own one, also have their own website. Amateurs and scammers don’t have it. Also, they are likely to charge you more, damage your items when packing, unlike real packing services, or even steal some of your belongings.

Having no insurance is also a major problem. If something gets lost or broken, you are technically on your own. You could sue them, but that will lead to nothing but your wasted time and energy.

They can sue you on the other hand, if they get injured. Since they are not legitimate employees, there is also no workman insurance. Because of that, in most cases, if you want to avoid getting sued, you have to pay a settlement.

Person yelling on the telephone because he took the risks of hiring movers via Craigslist
Why would you risk getting more stressed than you already are about the move?

They choose their work hours arbitrarily, meaning they will start and finish the job when they decide. If you don’t give extra money as motivation, yelling and being annoying will only turn out counterproductive. Getting into a fight with them may provoke your movers to leave your things in the driveway and never finish the job. With professionals like movers Richardson TX, at least you know that they will finish what they started.

They are uninterested in the job, they just do it to get extra money. Most of the movers invite friends, rent a truck or use their own, and move people when they have free time. Craigslist movers are in the business just for the money, and they don’t care about the outcome as long as they get paid.


Taking everything into consideration, it is recommended to stay away from Craigslist movers altogether. Better go the extra mile and hire professionals (tips on how to find quality movers). Still, moving is a difficult process that needs more than amateurs to be finished properly. The risks of hiring movers via Craigslist are not worth your while. We wish you luck with finding the right movers for your needs!

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