The pros and cons of friends helping you move

Hiring Moving Experts - March 30, 2021

Are you thinking of asking your friends to help you move, but you’re not sure if that’s a good idea? If so,  you’ll find advice and perspective from movers North Texas valuable! We’ve prepared an extensive list of pros and cons to help you decide whether you should, or shouldn’t, ask your friends to help you with the moving-related tasks. The truth is that not everyone is a suitable person to help you, even if they’re a good person and a good friend. That’s why you should make your decisions based on the facts rather than emotions.

The pros of friends helping you move

1.Relocation with friends can be fun

Are you thinking of looking for the best movers Richardson TX can offer? Put it on hold, and think whether you’d like to work with your friends! The pros of friends helping you move is that the relocation process can be fun. If you’re working well together as a team, you’ll be able to get the job done as well as to have fun. It can open a lot of topics for conversation. In the end, it’s a great way to bond with your friends – by working side by side and helping one another. What are you waiting for? Phone your friends, and when they arrive, blast the music and get to work!

friends helping you move
Friends helping you move can lead to a lot of fun!

2. You don’t have to pay for extra costs

Let’s face it right away – moving services aren’t cheap. That’s why numerous people turn to friends and family for help. It’s important that you ask the people for help at least a few weeks in advance. This will give them enough time to arrange their life in order to be able to show up and help you. When friends help you move, you won’t have to pay professional services as much. This will significantly lower your costs of relocation that are usually very high.

3. They might be free to help you frequently or come for long sessions

Friends are also more likely to help you frequently, and for longer period of time. This means that you can call them up anytime you need help, and that it’s possible you’ll get it. Your friends might also bring their friends, and you’ll be able to join forces and finish all of the moving obligations earlier. You can talk to your friends and set up weekly packing sessions when they’re available. If you prepare drinks and food, you can also have an enjoyable evening, despite the work that has to be done.

4.If they’re trustworthy, your friends can run small errands for you

One of the most controversial of the pros and cons of friends helping you move are the errands that are related to money handling. This means that you have to choose people who you truly trust, if you want to trust them with your money. Some of the tasks like that might be:

  • Paying certain bills
  • Buying packing materials
  • Negotiating prices and deals on your behalf
  • Giving you advice on situations that might affect you financially

The pro of the friends is that, if they’re close friends, they can do errands and tasks that are money-related. This means that you’ll be able to delegate tasks that don’t require your presence as much as, for example, decluttering. You want to be there when the process of deciding what stays and what goes is happening, of course.

cardboard boxes
Your friends can also do errands for you and help you procure packing materials.

The cons of friends helping you move

1. Too many people may crowd the space

You have to pay attention to the number of people you invite. If you don’t invite only a few people, they’ll quickly get bored of the physical work. If you invite too many, the rooms will get crowded and the opinions on how to get some things done might clash. That’s why you shouldn’t invite more than two or three people per room. That way, they will have enough space to deal with items, as well as have people by their side when they need help. Too many people increase the risk of injury, but just the right amount lessens it as much as possible.

2. They may get irritated that you’re not doing things their way

If you invite friends whose opinions aren’t compatible, this may result in someone leaving, or in the worst case, a fight. The situations like this might cause you to even lose a friend. In the end, simply avoid any kind of negative situations. They’ll only add to your stress in an already stressful situation. That’s why you have to think hard about who you’ll invite over to help you. Those people have to be the ones that are okay with following instructions and thinking logically. Impulsive people might spiral out, and the same goes with people who easily take everything personally. To make sure your friendships are intact and that your relocation goes well, don’t take this decision lightly.

upset woman
Your friends might get upset if you disagree on the way that things should be done.

3. Someone might get hurt due to not paying attention

The people that you invite over aren’t professionals when it comes to relocation. Professional moving services are done by trained movers who know how to treat items, and when they need to be very careful. The truth is that your friends may not be as focused as they should. The consequences might be various:

  • They won’t pack your items well, because they don’t know how, or simply aren’t focused enough
  • The lack of focus might cause your friends to drop something and damage the item, or even worse, themselves or you

Those are just some of the options that you should keep in mind when you’re choosing which people to invite over. As you can see, properly choosing friends that will help you is crucial.

4.It’s harder to boss friends helping you move than it is to tell movers what you need

It’s true that friends helping you move can be tricky situations. Some of them might not take you seriously, and the type of your friendship dynamic simply can’t handle you giving them instructions. If you don’t have people who are appropriate for this kind of task, or they can’t help you with everything – you can always turn to professionals. We’re at your disposal every day – all you have to do is give us a call. Book professional moving services and realize the move of your dreams!

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