The most common packing mistakes to avoid

Packing Tips - February 29, 2020

It’s a well-known fact packing is the key to the overall success of your move. From packing your moving boxes to getting them transported from one place to another, it requires action. In this process, errors are bound to happen. So, if you fail to avoid common packing mistakes, it’ll be a lot more difficult than it needs to be. One of the solutions to make your moving process easier is to find and book affordable movers Fort Worth. Professionals will surely help you and make packing a piece of cake. Along the way, remember that nothing is perfect, especially when it comes to relocations. In this article, we’ll help you by breaking down the most common packing mistakes to avoid.

One of the biggest packing mistakes to avoid is not to plan ahead

First, note that packing is as much a mental exercise as it is a physical one. The better you plan your relocation, the higher the chances for a successful one to happen. Maybe one of the good ways to go is to book moving services in Fort Worth. Unfortunately, many people just dive in, without having any real idea of how they’re going to manage the situation. Packing every single belonging safely and efficiently can sometimes be extremely difficult. Therefore, if you don’t do it the right way, the result will be wasted time and energy. So, try making a thorough plan for your upcoming relocation.

How to avoid it?

There are several simple strategies you can apply to avoid this common packing mistake. First, a few days before you plan to get started, put together a plan for how you want to pack. But you don’t have to write it down, although it would be helpful if you do. The essence is to have a sort of a guideline for the next few days of packing. That includes the order that you intend to pack things and how they will be packed. Not only you’ll be well prepared when the day comes, but you’ll be more effective in your moving efforts.

First common mistake to avoid is not planning
Be responsible and start planning ahead. That will get you away from this common moving mistake.

Another packing mistake to avoid is not giving yourself enough time

This mistake is maybe one of the worst ones you can make while packing. Even if you avoid all the other packing mistakes, not giving yourself enough time will get you stressed and overwhelmed. Logically, the less time for packing you have, the level of your stress will be higher. Also, a lack of time to pack will cause all the other packing mistakes to occur. So, to manage your relocation the best possible way, do your best to time everything out correctly.

How to avoid this common packing mistake?

When projecting your timeline, be realistic. Assume that everything will last longer than you think. So, the cardinal rule is to leave about two to three days to pack a studio or one-bedroom home. For packing a two-bedroom home, set aside three to four days. Then, add on more days if your home has more rooms. This projection implies packing all day long, which is often not possible. Your job and many other factors and responsibilities won’t allow it. Hence, the trick is to over-estimate how many days you’ll need. Think through and plan accordingly.

Another packing mistake to avoid is not enough time
Give yourself enough time. That will keep you away from the most common packing mistakes.

If you don’t get enough packing supplies, there’s another common packing mistake

While on a packing roll, you don’t need any interference. Therefore, running out of supplies will lower your productivity. You’ll have to take a break to run to the store for additional items. That will take away precious time you can use for packing. Instead, you’ll eventually make it more difficult to get back into the right headspace when you return to your task. There are ways to avoid this kind of situation.

  • First, figure out that you’ll need more packing supplies than you think. You can estimate the number of moving boxes you’ll need.
  • Consider the size of your home, the amount of stuff your own, and your packing style.
  • Finally, think about the other moving supplies, such as packing tape and paper. Generally, our advice is to purchase a little bit more than recommended.

Don’t make a packing mistake by not getting rid of the unnecessary stuff

Packing the items you no longer want or need is such a waste of time, supplies, and energy. Therefore, this is the right time to think about decluttering your belongings. So, start by sorting out the things that don’t need to come with you. Don’t skip this step, because it is necessary and worth it. It will eventually save you time and money. So, before you start packing, separate the items you no longer use. Sort them into three piles, one for donations, one for recycling, and one pile for trash. Along the way, try to avoid sentimentality. You surely won’t need any of the clothes you haven’t worn in at least a year. Also, think about throwing away kitchen gadgets you keep bringing from home to home but never use. The whole process of moving will be a lot easier after getting rid of all the clutter.

Don’t forget to secure your belongings

There’s no use in packing up the items if they’re going to get broken before arriving at their final destination. So, if you don’t have enough supplies, that’ll lead to not securing your items properly. So, securing your items while packing is essential to save yourself from trouble and damage.

How to secure your items and avoid this common packing mistake?

Before you start packing, think about which items you need to wrap and pack, including their fragility. So, wrap up glass, other breakables, but also things like electronics and non-durable plastics. Use as much packing material as you need to keep things secure. Along the way, get creative in how you store your items for moving. For example, you can use linens, socks, and dish towels. That will reduce the impact around your belongings and keep them well-protected. Finally, you can use dish towels to fill in gaps so your things don’t move around.

Wrong packing is another packing mistake to avoid
Fill the gaps in your moving boxes and avoid packing mistakes that will lead to possible damage.

The summary

Remember that if you take these measures, you’ll know which packing mistakes to avoid. We wish you successful packing and relocating.


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