The main differences between Fort Worth and Houston

After the Relocation - July 13, 2021

Fort Worth or Houston… The struggle to decide is real. There are considerable differences between Fort Worth and Houston. However, both of them are an option if you are using the services provided by Evolution Moving Dallas Fort Worth. But, for real, you need to know the main facts about both of these places if you want to make an informed decision. That said, the aim of this article is not to tell you which one is better, but to give you all the necessary information that you need so that you can decide where to move. The way we are going to do that is to look at six different categories that will give you an insight into how these cities operate.

These six categories are:

  • Demographics
  • Quality of life
  • Environment
  • Leisure
  • Transportation
  • Miscellaneous

So, without further ado, let’s begin by dissecting each city!

When it comes to differences between Fort Worth and Houston – demographics are the main one

When it comes to the number of residents living in these cities, the stats say that Fort Worth has a population of around 760k. Meanwhile, Houston has a population of around 2.1 million. That said, Houston is nearly three times larger than Fort Worth. However, when it comes to population density, Fort Worth takes the lead with 2,403 people/km².

People in the streets
Demographic-wise, there are differences between Fort Worth and Houston.

Another aspect of demographics is the median age of the population. While the population is, on average, somewhat younger in Fort Worth than in Houston, they are both comparable. So, if you are in your early 30s, contact long-distance movers Fort Worth, to arrange a move. As stated, the difference here is not big, but it still might be a determining factor for you.

Quality of life as a differentiating factor

The main difference between Fort Worth and Houston is the fact that on average, residents of Houston enjoy a bigger monthly salary. But, to be fair, the difference is quite big. Houston residents have an average monthly salary of $3.8k, while Fort Worth residents have an average monthly salary of $2.7k. That said, when you factor in the standard of living, this discrepancy becomes irrelevant.

Environment and leisure differences between Fort Worth and Houston

So, Houston is much hotter on average than Fort Worth. Also, it is much more humid. Aside from that, you can find that the quality of air in Houston is much lower than in Fort Worth. However, it has a seaside beach as an ace up the sleeve. But, if that doesn’t matter to you, you can contact residential movers Fort Worth TX, and opt for the latter.

When it comes to cleaner air, Fort Worth takes the lead!

When it comes to leisure, the former has one more large sports facility. By large sports facilities, we refer to buildings that have 20+k seats. Aside from that, the two cities are pretty evenly matched.

Last but not least, transportation and other aspects

On the one hand, you have Houston which has 2 airports, while the other one doesn’t have an airport. Additionally, the monthly cost of transportation is also lower. Much lower. But, because of the good infrastructure, neither you nor your movers will have a problem reaching both destinations.

In other aspects, like having a stock exchange, research institutions and think tanks, etc. they are pretty much the same. However, if you are interested in other aspects of Texas, you can simply visit the state’s website and learn all the information that you need!

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