The main differences between Dallas and Fort Worth

After the Relocation - May 3, 2021

Dallas and Fort Worth have a long history of the rivalry. But both of these towns have unique qualities that attract an equal share of visitors. Likewise, full-service movers in Dallas have noticed that they are both perfect for starting a new life for families and singles alike. As every year, there is a large influx of people looking to relocate here. Together they have around 7 million residents, making them the most popular destination in Texas. But these two places have completely different histories, even though only 35 miles are separating them. Here is the list of all the differences between Dallas and Fort Worth that might help you chose which one is perfect for you.

The biggest differences between these two cities is the cost of life

When choosing a place to relocate to, it is vital to know where is cheaper to live. And that is especially important when looking at the differences between Dallas and Fort Worth. They might look similar because they are so close to each other, but that is not the case. In fact, compared to Dallas, Fort Worth is much cheaper. For example, if you are thinking about finding affordable real estate for renting, you should go ahead and start looking for long-distance movers in Fort Worth. The rent here is around 18 percent lower than in Dallas. The same goes for the amount of money you will need for groceries and restaurants. So if you are looking for a place that will not drain your budget, it is better to avoid Dallas.

hand holding keys in front of entrance doors
Renting a home is cheaper in Fort Worth

A large contrast among these two cities is the cuisine

When a city has a large population, that means there is going to be a variety of cuisines. Which is a definite quality of Dallas. In this beautiful city, you can enjoy foods from all over the world. It is one of the reasons why food lovers opt to hire residential movers. They all wish to be closer to their favorite restaurant. On the other hand, Fort Worth has a more specialized kitchen. Here you can enjoy the best barbeque in the state of Texas. Also, Tex Mex is pretty good. But there is no variety of ethnic foods, except one Ethiopian restaurant. However, in Dallas, you can enjoy Indian, Thai, Korean, and Chinese. There is a large number of restaurants and fast foods that offer take-out. So every day, you can experiment and try something new and different.

Another dissimilarity between Dallas and Fort Worth is the traffic

Nobody enjoys being stuck every day in traffic. It has been calculated that an average person spends around 42 hours a year in a traffic jam. Therefore when choosing a place to live, this is the first thing to look at. In the case of the city of Dallas, unfortunately, there is a lot of traffic. With so many people living in one place, you can expect a rush hour all over the city. Also often there are accidences that slow down and often jam the roads. Thus you should definitely consider professionally packing your home and heading to Forth Worth. With fewer people, it too has its share of traffic problems, but nothing compared to Dallas. So if you are looking to escape the bustle of a major metropolitan city, Fort Worth is a preferable alternative.

a traffic jam on a highway
One of the differences between Dallas and Fort Worth is that you should expect a lot more traffic jams in Dallas

The nightlife is vastly different in Dallas compared to Fort Worth

If you are single and enjoy the excitement of a good club, then you should head to Dallas. This city has a vibrant nightlife that rivals big metropoles. But you should be ready to spend quite a large amount of money per night. Unfortunately, the drinks are expensive, and a lot of clubs have an entrance fee. But, if you are looking to avoid all this because you enjoy a more quiet and calm lifestyle in a smaller city, then Fort Worth is the place to be. It has more of a neighborly feel, so you should expect to make friends fast. Also, the people here are more traditional and enjoy simple everyday routines. It makes Fort Worth perfect for people looking to relocate with a family.

Fort Worth has more green areas than Dallas

Nature lovers will prefer Fort Worth as it has more parks. It is a home to Fort Worth Botanic Garden with a staggering 110 acres of land and 2.500 different species of plant life. You can spend a whole day exploring and enjoying the beautiful flowers. Also, Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge has so many trails that you can easily get lost. It is perfect for having a stroll with a family or riding a bicycle. And if you enjoy spending a day on the water, you can rent a kayak or a canoe at Panther Island. In comparison, Dallas is an urban city that has fewer places to enjoy nature.

park with trees
A major contrast between Fort Worth and Dallas is that the first one has a lot more nature parks

There are many differences between Dallas and Fort Worth that equally attract people

These cities might be close, but there are plenty of differences between Dallas and Fort Worth that make them unique. So you should think carefully when choosing a place to live. Firstly Fort Worth has a smaller population that makes it perfect for raising a family. On the other hand, Dallas is bigger and more urban. There is a vibrant nightlife and fashion scene.  However, you should expect to spend a lot of time spent in traffic. Fort Worth has lower rent prices and a great many nature parks. Therefore you should take some time and visit both places before making a decision to settle.

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