The importance of labeling boxes when moving

Packing Tips - November 18, 2021

In the chaotic process of moving, it might be easy to forget to label the boxes. You might think it is not really important, and there there are more important things you should worry about. But as moving day approaches, you will have more and more chores to do. To avoid doing all of this on your own, hire professionals like Evolution Moving Company Fort Worth. You are lucky if you have started packing way ahead of time. One trick that can help you not forget to label boxes is to do it as soon as you finish packing them. But if you didn’t do it on time, you might find yourself with a huge pile of unlabeled boxes. Chances are that you don’t remember what all of those boxes contain. This guide will teach you how to avoid that and the importance of labeling boxes when moving.

Why is labeling boxes when moving so important?

There are people who do different things with the boxes after they finish moving. Some will:

  • Sell boxes (labeling boxes when moving might make them difficult to reuse by other people)
  • Give them back to the people that they borrowed them from
  • Give the boxes back to the moving company they bought them from
  • Dispose of the boxes
  • Use them for other things

Whichever thing you choose to do with the boxes, labeling boxes will help you take the moving tasks and save you so much stress. Packing services Forth Worth TX can help you pack, but labeling should be done by you. Imagine trying to find one specific item in a pile of packed boxes during the moving day? Below you can see the steps to proper labeling of boxes.

Couple carrying labeled boxes down the stairs
Labeling boxes will make moving so much easier

High quality labeling tools are needed

Since labels are so important, so is the quality of the equipment used to make those labels. The most obvious thing you will need is high-quality markers. It is not advised to just use any pen. Labels should be easy to see and waterproof in case of rain. Color is also important if you want to make a color-coded system for the easier organization when using the services of one of the full-service movers in Dallas. If you plan to write the labels on separate papers instead of directly on the boxes, you also need to use water-resistant paper.

Best labeling system for relocation boxes

Labeling your boxes the right way is key to help you organize your move. Same as it is important to hire one of the long-distance movers in Fort Worth to help you with an interstate move. The best way is not necessarily the most special and complicated. It is as simple as assigning a color to each room in your house. If you know that the assigned bedroom color is red, if you need something from the bedroom, you will look for the boxes labeled with red. To further organize the boxes from the same category, you could add more layers to your system, like different shades of the same color.

Person taping a cardboard box shut
Doing the labeling part right will help you have a more organized move

Labeling boxes when moving – conclusion

It’s needless to say that there are a lot of things you need to remember to do when moving, Especially during a task like packing is. It is a huge task, and you should dedicate sufficient time to it. Not doing it will add more unnecessary stress on moving day. No one can deny that labeling boxes when moving is essential to having a more organized and smooth move. We wish you good luck and successful labeling!

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