The benefits of living in Irving TX

After the Relocation - April 30, 2021

If you are looking for a small but vibrant place to live in Texas, then Irving is a town for you. As a suburban part of the Dallas metropolitan area, and it has a population of quarter million people. It sprang up on ranch land, so it has a long history with horses. Therefore the logo of this beautiful city is a Mustang. Also, it is a diverse place that has a lot of job opportunities. Thus a number of people move here every year with the help of movers Irving TX. In fact, it is projected that by 2040 the population will increase to 320 thousand. There are many benefits of living in Irving TX, that make this place perfect for raising a family and singles alike.

Plenty of job opportunities in number one advantage of living in Irving

One of the positive sides of living in Irving is that it does not have income taxes. Texas is one of the only seven states in the USA that has this kind of benefit. Thus there is a constant influx of new residents. But that is not all. In recent years the city has become a home to five Fortune 500 corporations and another 8,600 companies. So if you are planning to move, make sure you hire residential movers Fort Worth well in advance, as most of the year, they are fully booked. However, some other taxes are a bit above the national average. Like for example, the property tax is around 2.16%. And in the rest of the state, it is 1.93%.

coins on tax forms and 3 wooden cubes that spell TAX
Texas is one of the rare states where you can enjoy life without income taxes


One of the benefits of living in Irving TX is Campion Trail

At the moment, Campion Trail is still under construction. But once it is finished, it will be 22 miles long. And you will have a nice view that follows the Trinity River’s tributaries. So if you love nature and long walks, do not hesitate to relocate here with moving services Fort Worth. Right now, the trail has two unfinished sections that are 13 miles long. They might not be connected, but it is enough to spend a whole day enjoying the beautiful scenery. It is perfect for runners and cyclists that can safely spend an entire day here without fear of cars. However, this is not the only natural treasure of this lovely city. One of the benefits of living in Irving TX is the 43 parks surrounding it.

High quality of education is why so many people decide to move here

If you are thinking about moving with your family, then the quality of the schools is important. The good news is that your kids will have the best education possible. Irving is the largest and highest achieving school district in Texas. And academics are not the only thing that attracts people to make a long distance move to live here. Like anywhere else in Texas, sports competitions are very important to the residents of this proud city. So expect regular football events that are community supported. They are a perfect event to spend quality time with your family and support the favorite team. Also, there are three universities where kids can achieve post-secondary education: The University of Dallas, North Lake College, and DeVry Institute of Technology. So there are no shortages of schools to choose from.

on the table are stack of books with an apple on the top, pencils and abc cubes
Exceptional education for your children is just one of many benefits of living in Irving TX

Festivals and concerts are among the benefits of having a home in Irving TX

Unlike other communities that sleep during cold winters, Irving has organized events all year round. So if you are just passing by, or a tourist, choose carefully the month of your visit. You do not want to miss some amazing event. In summer, among the number of happenings, the ones most worth mentioning are the summer fairs. They happen often, and not a single one is the same. Every event is original and guarantees that you will have a great time. Also, there is North Texas Beer and Wine festival perfect for people who enjoy a good drink. You will have the opportunity to try some of the local breweries. Likewise, for music lovers, there is the famous International Concert Series. People from all over the world come to participate.

Irving is famous for delicious food

Food lovers will be delighted to know that Irving has some of the best places to eat in Texas State. You can enjoy cuisines from all over the world in one place. Also, everything cooked here comes from local farms. So you can be sure that everything served on your plate is fresh and nutritious. Bread Zeppelin is where you can find the best baguettes that are crunchy and served with delicious salads. And if you love more Mediterranean food, that Andalous Mediterranean Grill is a place for you. Lastly, to finish it off with a perfect desert hed to Shin’s Donuts. It is one place where you will have trouble choosing, as they have a vast number of different deserts.


a stake on a plate is a benefits of living in Irving TX
One of the main attractions and advantages of life in Irving TX is amazing food

These are just a few benefits of living in Irving TX

The best way to experience all the benefits of living in Irving TX is to head into the city and explore. Around every corner, there is something new to see and try. If you enjoy nature, there are many parks where you can spend the whole day sightseeing. However, job opportunities and good education are what attract so many people to Irving, TX. Also, throughout the year, different events are happening. Almost every month is reserved for a specific festival, fair, or concert. Truly this is a great place to escape the busy city life and raise a family.

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