Renting pods vs hiring movers – which is better?

Moving Preparation - February 12, 2021

You are relocating home but you are not sure how to do it right? One thing is certain, you must plan upfront, pack like a pro, and find the best movers North Texas to assist you. But what you do not know at the moment, is whether you should do some things yourself or purchase the full coverage. Or maybe covering the whole relocation yourself? Hence, today we will shed some light on the topic of renting pods vs hiring movers. Let’s take a look.

How movers do it?

Firstly you must find an adequate moving company for the job. Search for it online and narrow your search down guided by the simple elimination process. Check out the moving services your long distance movers Fort Worth provide, check prices, and read reviews. Once you find an interesting choice, give them a call and check if they are licensed, and if they have all the tools for the job. This is what you should do to ensure your choice is legit. Now, how movers operate and what they bring to the table is a different story. Movers usually offer local, long-distance, and cross-country moves. Along with the small moves, residential moves, and office moves. This means you can relocate your home, apartment, or your whole business.

A guy holding a moving box in front of the van
Movers offer a variety of moving services. Be sure to browse your options first.

Also, you can purchase full coverage or partial moving service. When it comes to the moving service, there are plenty for you to choose from. The most notable ones are storage service, packing service, and antique moving. And what is good about enlisting a moving company for the job is the fact that you can combine any of those services. Whether you are guided by your budget or free time you have. Movers will charge by the hour, headcount, and the weight of your cargo. Furthermore, the overall complexity of the move can influence your moving costs as well. If there are special tools or services required, it will cost extra. All in all, movers are well-equipped for the job and they provide a lot. After all, they rule the moving business for years now.

How do pods work?

It is simple, affordable, and accessible to anyone. Basically, you are renting a portable container that will be delivered to your address. Of course, someone must bring the pod and later on, take it to the new address once you are ready. What is good about this service is that you can have the pod in your backyard as long as you like. This gives you the opportunity to pack slowly and gradually without any rush and stress involved. Yes, you will pay additional fees if you keep the pod for a longer period. But you will dictate the pace and guided by your budget, keep the pod for as long as you need.

renting pods vs hiring movers. What will you choose?
A pod renting company will deliver one to your backyard. Amazing service for sure.

And pods work both ways. You can have your items delivered and keep the pod for weeks to come and unpack slowly. Now, let us compare the two and realize who wins the renting pods vs hiring movers battle.

Renting pods vs hiring movers – which one is better for you?

It is understandable if you do not want strangers handling your belongings. And that is exactly what movers are if you look at it that way. Unless of course, you already know someone personally from the moving company you hired. Also, the chance for damages is a bit higher than with pods. It is simply because you have a few people involved in hauling boxes and loading the moving truck. And if you are storing your items first, that means your cargo will sit in a storage facility before the final delivery. If you unload and load the truck more than once, it will increase the possibility of moving mishaps. But again, you will find moving service most viable to you. If you are up to it, call your movers and let them provide moving quotes Fort Worth and explain the whole process thoroughly.

There are pros and cons on both sides

Ok, as we mentioned the cons of hiring a moving crew, now we will point out a few as well regarding pod renting. Yes, pods are a bit safer to transport simply because you are loading them at the ground level and they are transported from point A to point B. But that is all to it. The rest is entirely u to you. You must load and unload it yourself as well as drive it to your new address. Although, you can purchase a driving service, but, it is not necessary if you know how to load a moving truck and drive one. Note that you can purchase labor only option from your moving company and have professional load your pod. It is a good way to combine the two and get the best of it.

Renting pods vs hiring movers – the conclusion

In conclusion, it all comes to what you prefer better. Maybe you are time-limited or have a limited moving budget? In this case, you must seek out moving services New Braunfels and let the movers help you. On the other hand, if you have nothing else to do but to pack and unpack slowly and with style, then the renting pod option is for you. Therefore, check your schedule, your moving date, moving budget, and realize the complexity of your moving project. Only then you’ll know if you can afford to rent a pod or to seek out professional moving help.

A woman counting money
Hopefully, your moving budget won’t make a difference and you’ll be able to choose one of the two.

Ok, now you know how renting pods vs hiring movers looks like. Now it is up to you to choose the best option for you. Both options are highly viable and come almost at the same price. But we must say that renting a pod is not for anyone because it falls into a DIY project. Hence, if this is not for you or you can’t decide, simply stick to the regular moving service and you shall be fine. Good luck and have a good one.

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