Relocating your Austin company to smaller premises

Moving Preparation - September 5, 2022

Austin is one of the most popular business centers and has been quickly developing since 2020. Many companies have moved their premises completely to Austin or have expanded. Among those companies are some of the biggest names in certain industries, such as Tesla, Google, Apple, Amazon, etc. All those companies have helped Austin become even more popular among entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts. If you have a company in Austin, congratulations! If you are planning to move your company, the first thing you have to do is to contact commercial movers Austin TX, and set the date. Of course, there is a lot to be done in the meantime, especially if you are moving to a smaller building. Don’t worry, we will explain what relocating your Austin company to smaller premises should look like. Just keep reading, and you will be ready in no time.

Make an effective relocation plan

Detailed planning is key to every successful relocation, whether commercial or residential. It may be even more important when it comes to office moving because many people are included. You have to make sure all your employees feel comfortable and stress-free, while you also need to keep going with your business and take care of the relocation. Relocating to a smaller space can be especially tricky because you have to think of fitting everything into the right place. So, first and foremost, make a plan. The first thing on the list has to be hiring one of the reliable moving companies in Texas so that you can continue planning accordingly. Some of the crucial points that your Austin relocation moving plan should include are:

  • talking to your employees and including them in the planning process
  • planning your budget
  • making an inventory list
  • carefully checking the new premises
  • packing and relocation
A man holding a moving box labeled 'office'
Relocating your Austin company to smaller premises is easy when you make a detailed plan

Relocating your Austin company to smaller premises means talking to your employees

Another important task you must finish when you decide to relocate your office is talking to your employees and coworkers. First of all, that can be a big change for them. Moving your office to smaller premises means they might not be able to work as they used to. So, they must know what to expect. The second reason is to include them in the planning process. You can assign different tasks to everyone. Someone can be responsible for packing, communicating with clients, etc. Of course, it is important to have someone overlook the whole process.

Inform your clients about the relocation

Every office relocation, even if it is only a few blocks away, puts you in danger of losing your clients. On the other hand, it can also mean you will get some new ones. However, to avoid any unpleasant situations, inform your clients on time. There may be some delays in dealing with your business, or you’ll have to make some changes and maybe put on hold some projects. It is crucial that your clients know what to expect and when. For these reasons, hiring some of the moving companies Austin on time is vital. You need to know the date of your relocation so that you can have valid information when you start informing your clients.

A man working on a laptop
Plan your budget well

Plan your budget to the very details

It may seem like relocating your Austin company to smaller premises won’t cost you a lot, but you have to consider many things. Even though your new premises maybe won’t cost as much as your previous offices, if you’re renting, that doesn’t mean you won’t have many expenses. You will have to pay for the moving company, especially if you need more than one service. Also, if you lose some clients or working days because of your relocation, you have to make sure you will have the budget to pay your employees.

Make an inventory list

Making an inventory list may seem like a pointless task, and you may think that it will take a lot of time. However, it is very important not to skip this step. You can organize your coworkers to make a list by departments or offices, etc. Having an inventory list will help you in many ways. First of all, you will know what you have, the amount, and the condition. Then you can decide whether you should buy new items for your new premises or whether you should toss out something that is in bad condition. Also, since you are moving your company to a smaller place, maybe many pieces of furniture won’t fit. So, you can decide on renting storage. In addition to that, if you hire moving services Austin Texas, you and them will know exactly what should be transferred. There won’t be any misunderstandings later.

Check the new premises

Moving from a bigger to a smaller place often can cause problems, especially when you are moving a company. The lack of space can be a real issue. So, checking your new premises before you start packing and relocation should be one of your priorities. You need to make a plan of where the departments will be and who is going to have which office. Also, measuring the space, doors, and old furniture can spare you a real headache. You have to make sure everything can fit before the relocation day. If you see that some of your furniture won’t fit and you will just waste money if you put it in a storage unit, you can always make a donation. You’ll solve a problem while making someone happy.

Coworkers making a plan about relocating your Austin company to smaller premises
Include your coworkers in the process

Finally, pack and relocate

Since you have given the tasks earlier and hired a moving company, this final step should go smoothly. Each person should finish their part of packing, and it will go quickly, especially if you pack the bulky items first. If you make a detailed plan and follow those steps, relocating your Austin company to smaller premises will go without any obstacles, and you won’t have to stop your business until it’s over.

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