Psychological effects of moving house frequently

Hiring Moving Experts - May 1, 2022

Moving can be a very stressful experience for many reasons. Stress is the main cause of many modern illnesses such as high blood pressure. If you moved once or twice in your life, the stress from moving won’t cause you any harm. However, if you are moving frequently and without professional movers, the stress and pressure of relocation can leave you with permanent physical and psychological damage. For this reason, if you must move often because of a job or any other reason, you should know how to prepare for your relocation properly. This way, you will feel less stressed and withstand the bad effects of frequent relocation. The best way to lessen the burden of relocation is to hire moving companies in Texas. But, the psychological effects of moving house frequently can happen and you should be familiar with them.

Does everyone experience the psychological effects of moving house frequently?

If you are moving frequently, it doesn’t mean that you are used to moving and adapting to new surroundings. Moving a house requires a lot of effort, dedication, and free time which is not something you often have. Preparing a house for moving can be tricky as there are a lot of items in different shapes and sizes. You might even need sometimes to hire a couple of different movers such as piano movers Fort Worth if you have a piano or some other specific item. Preparing a relocation properly will lower the stress, but it won’t really help you with the adjustment period. How someone will adapt to a new house and city mostly depends on the person and its very individual. For this reason, one move can have psychological effects on one person while multiple relocations won’t have a single effect on some other person.

Psychological effects of moving house frequently explained
Moving home frequently can affect your mental health

Who is the most susceptible to the psychological effects of frequent moving?

Stress won’t cause the same effect on multiple people. Moving as a whole is very stressful. However, you can make your moving preparation much easier with good professional movers that you found based on the moving estimate Fort Worth. The story is a little bit different after the relocation period. You will not have help from professional movers as their job is completed. The adjustment period has the biggest phycological effects on people. The most susceptible to these psychological effects are kids, people with existing mental problems, people with labile personalities, old people, etc. All these categories of people have a predisposition to developing some symptoms caused by moving-related stress. The most common psychological effects of frequent moving are the following:

  • Insecurity
  • Isolation
  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Panic disorder

What kind of effect can frequent house moving cause in children?

Frequent moving will have the biggest psychological effect on children, especially kids that are going to school or teenagers. Frequently moving house also means frequently changing schools which is very hard for the kids. While you are directing your pool table movers Fort Worth where to put the pool table, your kid must face a new school alone. This can cause kids to feel insecure and develop social anxiety. Teenagers might start to resent their parents and start rebelling by doing poorly in school, hanging out with problematic kids, etc. All of these can culminate in depression and panic disorders. This is the worst-case scenario that could happen if you don’t talk and work with your kids. You must think about how they feel and how you can help them. If you don’t know how to help them, you should then take them to therapists to get professional help.

little girl playing in box
The psychological effects of moving house frequently on kids are insecurity and isolation

What are the most common problems in adults caused by moving stress?

Stress can have different mental and physical effects on people. The most common physical effects are chest pain, headache, insomnia, poor immunity, and aches in different parts of the body. These physical problems can cause or amplify the psychological effects of moving-related stress. You can start feeling tired all the time, lack the energy or will to do anything. Additionally, you start worrying too much about everything and can’t fall asleep at night. All these symptoms can even further cause you stress and affect your daily life. What you need to know is that sometimes these problems will be on their own and sometimes they can lead to serious mental illness. Most of these moving-related symptoms are also warning signs of depression. For this reason, if you are feeling any of these symptoms for a long time, you should go see a doctor.

How to cope with psychological problems that frequent moving can cause?

It’s true that moving house often can cause mental and physical problems. However, there are ways to prevent these effects to happen or to solve them. The first step is to recognize that feeling tired all the time after the relocation is not normal. But even before this, you should a couple of steps to ensure lessen the stress of moving. For this reason, you should do research about your new town and house. Find things that you would like to see and try. This way, you will have something to look forward to instead to worry all the time. You can also prepare for your relocation well because good preparation means less stress and worry. Additionally, you can try meditation and yoga to help you relax and calm down. Eating healthy and being active also helps.

stress spelled in red letters
Don’t let stress overtake your life

Moving also means a new fresh start and opportunities

It’s easy to only see the bad sides of moving. However, there are also good aspects of moving, even frequent ones. You get a chance to meet new people, try new things, get a better job, etc. For this reason, you should focus more on the positive sides of relocation instead of only as ones. Sure, psychological effects of moving house frequently do exist, but not all of them are bad or permanent. All can be fixed and solved if you know how.

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