Pros and cons of hiring movers with no reviews

Hiring Moving Experts - April 28, 2021

Moving is a big task. Many people move for work or better job opportunities. However, that may not always be the case. If moving for the first time, you may be wondering how to go about it. Hiring a moving company may be of great help. Great movers may offer the best help when moving long distance. The trick is to find the quality moving company within your budget. But, what happens if you are planning of hiring movers with no reviews. Check out our tips and make your job easier while moving to a new home.

How to stay safe when moving?

Moving to a new place comes with its specific challenges. However, hiring a moving company can be a great help. The first step is checking everything that movers Richardson TX can offer you. Depending on your specific needs in terms of moving, it is best you find a reliable moving company in your area that fits your budget. That is why you should calculate your budget in advance before hiring any moving company.

Hiring movers with no reviews doesn’t have to be a bad decision.

But, what to do when hiring movers with no reviews is an option? The most important thing you should do is to check everything in detail. A moving company may not have a review column on its website. Well, that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Some moving companies may offer great service despite the reviews. That is why you should check the moving company in detail before you proceed. Hiring movers with no reviews may be a good thing if you do your research beforehand.

Tips for staying safe during the move

Staying safe when moving is always a priority number one because accidents may happen. On the other hand, it is no secret moving scams may happen. That is why your job is to do some basic actions to make sure you are dealing with one of the best movers North Texas has to offer. Here are some tips for determining if you are dealing with a reliable moving company:

  • Check the moving company’s origin. If you are planning of hiring movers with no reviews, it is important to check the company in detail. Movers should display all the important information about their company on their websites. If that is not the case, you should call your movers and ask a representative for their id number. Each quality moving company will share the official company’s ID number without a problem. When you receive the id number you can check the official movers’ database. This way you will be able to see if the company is legitimate and registered. If the moving company you like is in the movers’ database, you should still do more research before hiring movers to transport your belongings.
  • See if the moving company offers insurance – Hiring movers with no reviews may note a bad thing. However, it is always important to stay safe and check the moving company before you entrust your belongings. Another good way to make sure your belongings are safe is to ask about all the insurance options a moving company offers. Sometimes a good insurance policy is the better sign of quality movers in your area than hiring movers with no reviews
  • The moving quote – The moving quote is the estimate of your moving expenses. Hiring movers with no reviews is ok only if the moving company is legitimate and offers a great moving quote. If the moving quote fits your budget and the moving company fits your criteria, only then it is possible to hire that moving company.

Hiring movers with no reviews –should you do it?

Every reliable moving company is trying to gain more business. That is why professional moving companies invest a lot into their websites, their presentation, and their skills. Reliable movers usually have stellar reviews. However, that may not always be the case. If the moving company is a start-up company that offers great deals and you find out that the company is reliable, you may give it a go.

checking the phone
If a company you plan to hire is new, make sure to check its background.

Keep in mind that some moving companies charge more just because of their reputation. This is why hiring the ones who just started their business is the best way to avoid losing money while moving. Moreover, don’t believe for a second you are the first customer they ever had. You can always ask in person about previous clients your moving company had.

If the moving company’s representatives don’t share any contact with you, It may not be the safest option to hire that moving company. Remember, hiring movers with no reviews online is good only if the moving company representatives give you peace of mind and share contacts with you. When you have contacts of previous customers you can call them and ask about their experience.

How to spot fraudulent movers?

Hiring movers with no reviews is always risky without doing other checks. Here are the most common telltales of fraudulent movers:

  • Not giving out information about the company – id number
  • Not giving out an address
  • Making sure that they can transport every type of items
  • Avoiding to provide a moving quote
  • Not being specific about the time of the pickup
  • Not offering a moving contract
check sign
Previous customers’ reviews might be of great help.

Pros and cons of hiring movers with no reviews

There is a lot to be said for hiring movers with no reviews. The best way is to research the moving company and get all the information in advance. However, you shouldn’t trust a moving company that has no web page or doesn’t share details of the moving company. This is a big red flag! Fraudulent movers usually scam people who trust too much and don’t ask too many questions. That is why you should ask for all the specific information about the moving company itself, the previous clients, their contacts, and services before you even ask a moving company for a quote. If the moving company representative is withholding information from you, you should be aware that you may be dealing with a fraudulent moving company.

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