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Hiring Moving Experts - July 20, 2022

People that have experience with moving know just how stressful and demanding moving can be. Moreover, most people don’t know just how much work moving is until they start packing and trying to figure out everything they have to take care of. Very often they forget something important, and then need to go back several times, check everything, and remember where that thing was. This applies not only to physical things but also to documents and everything that needs to be done when the place of residence is changed. So here is a guide from an elite Texas moving company for all the post-move paperwork that you need to handle once you move. Because not only does your life change once your home address has changed but also every single document that you own!

Find time to deal with your post-move paperwork

Let’s say you moved to Dallas Fort Worth and now you need to finish your post-move paperwork. Once the Dallas Fort Worth movers did their job, it may seem there is nothing really important you need to do. But there is a lot of work to do. First, when the address changes, so do the addresses in all of your personal documents, invoices, in the mail, etc. What you need to change depends on whether you move into your own apartment or you are renting a place. So the first thing you need to do is to find time to deal with your paperwork, as soon as you can. Ideally, it should be in the first week once you move in. If not, then at least in the first month. Either way, we will try to help you with the basic post-move paperwork.

pile of folders
Make sure you have enough time to deal with your paperwork.

Make a checklist of all the post-move paperwork that you need to take care of

Making a checklist for a move is a great idea. You are going to organize better all the things that you have to take care of. And a big part of them is the post-move documentation. So put aside some time to sit down and make a list of all the things that you have to do after the move. And all the paperwork that you have to take care of. This way you are not going to forget some smaller things like changing some subscriptions.

That often happens because people focus most of their time and energy on more important things like changing addresses in personal documents. But you want to take care of all of it when movers that provided you with the moving services Dallas has to offer finish bringing your things to your new home. With a moving checklist, you can organize everything better and everything will be less stressful too.

Woman making a checklist of all the post-move paperwork
Having a checklist will make taking care of post-move paperwork much easier and more efficient

Changing personal documents

The first thing to do after moving is to change your personal documents such as your ID and passport. Depending on where you live, part of the process can be done online. If you are not sure what to do, you can easily ask residential movers Fort Worth TX has to offer to give you some tips on how to do this. Because your movers are going to be well informed about these things and are going to always have up-to-date information about it Also, don’t forget to change your children’s documents as well.

Change all documents from school after the move

Speaking of children, as it is not hard enough that you moved, you also need to help your kids adjust to a new school. If you are planning to move your child to a new school, especially if you are moving to a new city, it is a good idea to collect all your school documents in one registry. This will be necessary for the child throughout school, whether he or she remains in the same school forever. This applies to both public and private schools, as you never know what you will need. So gather their records, and change all the details with your current address and data. So that it is all ready to be used.

You might have to get a new driver’s license

If you are not moving outside of your state, it might not be necessary. But it varies from state to state, and some do require it. So you are best off contacting the local DMV and asking them. But if you are moving to another state then you are going to need to exchange the old license for a new one. This must be done. Just make sure to check before the move how much time you have to do this so that you can organize better. And so that you make sure that you can do it in time. Some states give you more time for it than others. And you don’t want to get into trouble by not doing it in time. So make sure that you put all of the important details, including how much time you have to do this, in your moving checklist.

Man giving his drivers license to a policewoman
Taking care of your driver’s license is important and it should be one of your priorities when moving home

Changing your medical records, health center, and selected doctor

Speaking of post-move paperwork you need to handle, moving to a new city or part of town means you both need to change to a new health center and a newly selected doctor. And this can be especially tricky if you move long distance. Nobody likes to change their doctor who they are used to and trust, but sometimes there is not really a choice. You don’t want to rush searching for a new doctor and deciding on one. So make sure that you give yourself enough time for this. Consult your family too. You want to select a doctor that you trust and one you feel comfortable with, and that can take some time. So be ready for that.

Post-move paperwork changes related to the business environment

Business owners must change the address of the business if it is registered at the residence address. Also, you need to notify your banks, insurance companies, business partners, tax office, and all relevant ministries, etc. Unfortunately, the list can be very long. If you are confused, contact your bookkeepers, as they will know whom to inform. And make sure that you do this in time so that your business doesn’t have any unnecessary problems. You can also ask your commercial movers Dallas has, for help with this, they may have some useful information.

Updating the address in the electoral register

Whether it is the upcoming presidential election or the local community, update your address so you can vote. Register for the election at least two weeks before to ensure you enter the updated voter list. Maybe these are things you knew, but it’s a good idea to remind yourself about them because when the long distance movers Dallas has to offer, are done with the move you are going to be thinking about other more pressing things. But this is something you also wouldn’t want to forget to take care of.

Changing your bill address

Once you start to sort your paperwork at home, it’s a good idea to remember if you have any bills left at your old address. Of course, regulate your bills regularly so that interest does not rise and who knows what else. Here is a small list of bills at which you may need to change your address at:

  • electricity bills – change the address for the delivery of electricity bills online or call them to see which way is the best to do it
  • cable TV and Internet bills – change the address by notifying directly the cable operator or by telephone
  • mobile phone invoices – change the delivery address for a mobile phone invoice online or at the mobile carrier’s stores
  • landline phone bills – changing the delivery address for the landline bill is also done online or at the carrier’s stores. Today, there are technical options to get your old number at the new address.
Woman making a phone call while sitting on grass with a laptop in her lap
For some things, you can change the address by just calling the institution directly

Make sure that you inform the banks about the change of address

This is one of the most important things to do when moving. You need to inform your bank and credit card companies on time that you have changed your address so that your financial statements and other important documents don’t end up at the wrong address. Because then you would even be at risk of identity theft. Depending on the procedure at your bank, you might be able to do this online. Or you might have to go to the bank. Make sure that you are going to have enough time for this if you have to go to the bank to change the address.

Relatives and friends can help with post-move paperwork

And last but not least, you should notify your close or distant relatives and friends about your change of address. This can be done via circular email, text messaging, via social networks. But maybe it’s best to call everyone personally. In any case, the most important thing is not to forget anyone. In conclusion, moving to another address is a tricky and demanding job overall and taking care of all the paperwork is a lot of work. We tried to gather as much info, but this is just some basic post-move paperwork – and you may need to do more depending on what services you might be using. In any case, it’s best to write everything down so you won’t forget anything. By doing this, you will ensure finishing paperwork sooner than you think. Good luck!


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