Packing your garage for relocation 101

Packing Tips - April 10, 2019

Most garages are full of tools and other awkward items that are complicated to pack. Packing garage items is what many people fear and postpone until the very last minute. A garage is usually a messy place where you can find piles of stuff you didn’t even know you had. One way to deal with this is by asking Fort Worth movers to help you with packing your garage for relocation. However, if you are determined to do it on your own, here are a few garage packing tips to help you out.

Different hand tools hanging and lying on a shelf
Do not pack the garage during the last pre-move days because your energy will be low and your concentration, too.

Sell, donate, toss

When it’s time to move, you may find yourself discovering layer after layer of old junk you have no use for. And who wants to move items they will never use again? If you moved it all, it would be a colossal waste of money. Get a free moving estimate and see how much you will be saving by downsizing.

Additionally, unless you declutter, you’ll get the same messy garage you had in your previous home. Therefore, before you pack your garage for relocation, you need to part ways with some items. And only you can decide what those items are. The first thing to get rid of is your emotional attachment to objects, and the rest will be easy.

Sell your garage items

The best way to declutter a garage? A garage sale, of course! Just make sure potential buyers don’t change their mind when they see the price tag. The point of a garage sale is to get rid of unwanted stuff, not to fill your bags with cash. With low prices, you will watch your clutter disappear in no time.

Help the needy

If it’s working and you can’t sell it, you can always donate it. You may not make money, but someone’s gratitude will be an even greater reward. Many homeless people and animals would appreciate your donation, no matter how small. There is practically nothing you cannot donate. Still, a gift may not be accepted if the item is in poor shape. And if that is the case, you’ll have no other choice but to toss.

The non-allowable list

Some items can’t be transported in the moving truck for safety reasons. That is understandable since certain substances can damage other things and the movers’ equipment. Your movers should send you a list of items they do not move in advance. These include flammable substances, power equipment with fuel in the tank, explosives, corrosives, etc. Plants (including soil) are also on the list of forbidden items. So, dispose of these items safely, transport them in your vehicle, or give them to someone before relocation.

The supplies you need for packing your garage

No matter how good you are at packing, you won’t be able to do it right without the right packing supplies.

  • You need sturdy, recyclable cardboard boxes. Reliable movers can provide the best moving boxes in Fort Worth and help you decide on their number and size.
  • Packing tape is a must, not only for closing the boxes but also for giving them additional strength. 15-20 moving boxes require one roll of tape, on average.
  • You also need blankets. You can get these from your movers or use the ones you already have at home.
  • Although a newspaper can be a cheaper substitute, packing paper is better for your belongings since it does not contain paint.
  • Plastic wrap and bags are also necessary when packing your garage for relocation, especially for packing liquids and fragile items.
A roll of gray duct tape used for packing your garage for relocation
Secure the boxes’ bottoms using packing tape when packing your garage for relocation.

How to properly pack your garage items

  • You’ll need moving blankets and rope or tape to wrap large garden tools like rakes and shovels. Bundle them together with string or tape, then wrap them in a blanket.
  • Use plastic wrap to wrap items with sharp blades.
  • Wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, hammers and other small hand tools should stay in your toolbox. Just close it securely, and it’s packed.
  • When you pack power tools for relocation, remove the detachable parts first and pack them together with the rest of the tool. Provided that you still have them, use their original containers to pack power tools.
  • If you are moving any gas-operated machines, such as chain saws and lawn mowers, drain them entirely of fuel 24 hours (at least) before moving and leave the fuel tank open for the remaining vapor to evaporate.
  • When moving outdoor furniture, disassemble it if possible, stack the chairs and pack their cushions separately.
  • Bicycles also need disassembling. The handlebars and wheels need to be removed. If you have not saved the bike’s original box, you can go to a local bike store and ask for one.
  • Before you move your grill, remove the grill’s propane tank and charcoal because you are not allowed to move those.
  • Freezers and refrigerators need to be defrosted, cleaned and dried before moving. Moving blankets will protect them from damage during transportation.
A few wooden crates and a white background
If something was already in a box, do not assume it is ready to go.

Even those who don’t use packing services Fort Worth TX and opt for DIY can ask their movers for advice on how to pack a garage for relocation. So, when in doubt, consult the pros! 

Labeling the boxes after packing your garage

Ok, you have come to the end of the tedious packing process. Now, we are not saying all that effort was in vain, but the job is not really done until you label all the boxes. Yes, everything is tightly packed and protected, but a little extra caution won’t hurt. Fragile items should be treated gently, hence, labeling their boxes “fragile” is recommendable. Plus, unpacking can be a drag if you have no clue where everything is. You’ll need some items immediately upon arrival, while others can be unpacked later. So, write clearly on each box what its contents are.


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