Packing artwork when moving 101

Packing Tips - January 20, 2022

Whether your artwork is a carefully chosen collection of cherished pieces or you have simply picked your works to match with your current décor, there is no question that it would hurt you if they arrived at your new home after relocating in transportation with a fracture in the glass or damage in the frame. Handling with care is essential. We’ve all been there and tossed items in a last minute sprint into the back seat of your car and praying they arrive unharmed; paintings, glass and any fragile valuables are not the ones to keep your fingers crossed on. In today’s article we’ll discuss packing artwork when moving and how to handle your precious pieces. In case you need quality moving services for your artwork, movers North Texas are the way to go.

Packing artwork when moving 101

We’ll now discuss how to pack all different types of artwork people keep at home. But first, we need to go over the things you’ll need for the job. In case you have to move quickly, consider hiring our packing services since they can also provide you with packing materials. In order to ensure the safety of your artwork or framed objects during delivery, you must first have the proper packaging equipment.

packing artwork when moving and framed paintings and wallart
To preserve your beautiful wallart, you need to learn how to pack it properly.

Consider the following items as you prepare to transport your artwork:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Glassine packing tape or wax paper
  • Styrofoam
  • Sturdy cardboard boxes
  • Wooden crates
  • A marker for labelling

Framed Art

Framed artworks must be packaged carefully to preserve both the canvas and the frame from damage. To ship framed art, attach the frame with foamy material and cover it in bubble wrap. Place the wrapped item in a cardboard box and label it delicate. The residential movers Fort Worth can help you both with packing artwork when moving and transporting it safely to another location.

Canvas Art

To transport canvas paintings, begin by wrapping the artwork in bubble wrap. Pack the artwork in a cardboard case that is slightly larger than the artwork and tape all four sides shut. On the box in which you want to put the paintings, use a permanent stamp or pen to write “fragile.” If you don’t really feel it’s safe to do it yourself, full service Dallas movers can assist you in moving your canvas art safely.

Fine Art

If the piece of art is lined with glass, make an X in the glass with masking tape. This strategy helps to reduce the likelihood of the glass breaking. Make the frame out of foam. To avoid ink transfer, line the art pieces with plain, non-acidic paper before painting. Wrap the fine art pieces in bubble wrap and place them in a sturdy cardboard container to protect them from damage. Maintaining an upright stance while loading it into the moving truck will help to prevent damage.

little Buddha statues
Packing artwork when moving is a difficult task. Especially oddly shaped fine art.

Packing artwork when moving is a difficult task. However, with the right supplies and a professional moving company that fully licensed and isured, and recognized by the Better Business Bureau, moving them will be a piece of cake. Evolution Moving Company Fort Worth is one of them and you can’t go wrong with us.

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