Moving to San Antonio on a budget

Moving Preparation - March 1, 2019

Moving is an expensive business that sometimes represents a bigger task than buying a new home in Texas. People tend to declare a budget for their new home without taking into account that they are going to need to splash out some money on the move as well. On other occasions, people decide that they are simply not going to have enough money to hire professional movers. The only natural decision that follows either of the above-mentioned scenarios is to move by yourself on a budget. However, people often do not realize that moving to San Antonio, or any other city in the Texas state, is not an easy thing to do just with the help from your friends and family. Therefore, we bring you an article that should help you make your moving plan when moving to San Antonio on a budget.

Image of two houses
Moving homes on a budget can be difficult, but is far from impossible

Moving to San Antonio on a budget done the right way

Following are the things that you can do in order to move on a budget:

  • Hire affordable movers to help you with moving to San Antonio
  • Save money on moving boxes
  • Improvise moving material

Smart moving on a budget with help from professionals

One of the best things that you can do for yourself and for your friends and family is to hire professional long distance movers Fort Worth. Obviously, this is not going to be the cheapest option out there. It can be, however, the smartest one that you are going to make in regards to your move. Firstly, you are going to save time, perhaps money as well, while your personal relationships are not going to suffer.

Moving furniture, electrical appliances, and other belongings requires a lot of strength and knowledge. Both of these things are something that not all of us possess. You might decide to seek help to carry them out. Hiring trusted movers to help you load, unload and carry your items will ensure that they arrive in your new home safely. On the other hand, this is also a way to make sure that all of your friends and you do not suffer any injury.

Interior of a room
Furniture can be difficult to carry out. Professional help is advised

Saving money when it comes to this type of moving is done in other fields of the move. For example, you should be the one to prepare your items for moving. Packing and unpacking is not a difficult thing to do. It only requires attention to detail and moving material. You can get most of it for free or improvise.

Save money on moving material

In order to move on a budget, you need to save as much money as possible wherever you can. Moving material is one of the stops in the process.

Moving boxes represent some of the basic moving material that you are going to need for moving to San Antonio. One of the things that you can do in order to obtain them is to buy them. This is an expensive option. The budget option is to obtain used moving boxes. You can get them at the following places:

Moving boxes from Craigslist

In order to get the best moving boxes Fort Worth, used ones that is, you should browse Craigslist. Sometimes in the moving section, you will be able to come by people who have completed their move and are eager to pass their moving boxes on. If you manage to find such threads, you will have saved up a lot of money!

Department stores

Department stores receive their goods packed in cardboard boxes. You should pay a visit to the guys and the loading docks and get the information when leftover moving boxes are sent for recycling. You can also tell them that you need to move and ask them to save some up for you. They are good people and will often be eager to help you.

Recycle points

If the city from which you are moving out of recycles, you might want to go to a recycling center one day and ask the people working there to help you out by letting you take some of the cardboard boxes for your family move to Texas. This way, you would be reusing old cardboard boxes which is one of the postulates of sustainable development.

Furniture and a dog
Protect all of your items the right way and move safely

Improvise packing material

Professional moving material is easy to find and buy. Cheap? Not so much… Therefore, you should try and improvise. There are certain tricks that you can use:

  • Wrap your glassware in the paper. While very thin, the paper is a good material to use for insulating your glassware. Fold it, wrinkle it and air bubbles created will ensure protection to your items.
  • Use blankets to make cushioning for fragile items. In the case that you are looking to avoid buying bubble wrap, you may decide to use towels and blankets for cushioning. These are something that all of us have in our homes. Plus, you will need to move them as well. Therefore, you might as well put them to good use.
  • Pack your clothes into your travel suitcases in order to save space. In order to make sure that you will be using as least cardboard moving boxes as possible, you will be smart to pack your clothes into your travel suitcases and bags. This way you will ensure that they are taking an active part in your moving to San Antonio.
  • Excess soft items can go into garbage bags.
  • Space bags are a great way to make sure to use the space in your suitcases the smartest way possible.

Best professional packing services are available but are not something that you should pursue if you are looking to move on a budget.

The cleverest thing that you can do

Moving to San Antonio on a budget can be done easily if you keep one thing in the back of your mind: your mind should be open to the new ideas. Listen to your intuition and you will come up with many different ways to save money on your move.


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