Moving Into a Dallas Apartment: The Checklist

Moving Preparation - May 14, 2022

The third-largest city in Texas, Dallas is a beautiful and vibrant metropolitan area. It is therefore no supersize that many people want to make it their new home. And we at the Evolution moving company have helped a lot of them achieve that goal. So whether you found a nice house or you’re moving into a Dallas apartment, we can share some of our experiences with you. There is quite a large number of things that you need to take into consideration when relocating. To make your move to Dallas as easy as possible you need to start planning ahead. This will involve making a thorough moving checklist. If you wish to find out what that is, what should be on it, and how to make one, this article is for you.

Dallas skyline, a sight you might see when moving into a Dallas apartment
How to prepare when moving into a Dallas apartment

When moving into a Dallas apartment, start planning early

The key factor in a stress-free move is to start preparing on time. If you know about your relocation well in advance you should have no trouble organizing everything. You can research what local movers Dallas area can offer you and pick the best ones. You can also divide your checklist by the weeks. There are things that you want to take care of a month or more before the actual relocation. Other tasks can wait or have to wait for the later dates. So set your priorities right and that will make your job easier later. Here is an example of how to plan the move:

  • about 6 weeks in advance: hire a moving company
  • 4-5 weeks in advance: do most of the paperwork
  • 2-3 weeks in advance: start packing
  • 1 week in advance: final touches
  • The day you are moving into a Dallas apartment

About 6 weeks in advance, hire a moving company

As previously stated, you should start looking for the moving company early on in the process. Dallas is a large and busy city, so to make sure that the movers you hired are available on the date of your relocation, you need to schedule things as soon as possible. This means you need to find the best moving services Dallas can offer you more than a month before you move to your new apartment. This is also the right time to start notifying your neighbors, acquaintances, and colleagues about the change. Don’t forget to tell your boss if you are leaving your current job and the landlord if you have one at that moment.

4 to 5 weeks before moving into a Dallas apartment, do most of the paperwork

Once you are sure that you have the scheduled moving date, you need to start thinking about the address change. At the first glance, this seems to be an easy task, but there are a lot of details to look out for. First, you need to notify the Post Office, so it can redirect your mail to your new apartment in the future. You also want to arrange things with the utility companies as soon as you can. Make sure that you have all the services you need in your apartment once you arrive there. Your internet providers can take a few weeks to make this change. Maybe you will have to completely cancel your current service and find a new one depending on where you are moving from.

Hands swiping the phone screen
Make sure to change your address on your social media

While on the topic of the internet, you also need to go over the list of websites that have your contact information. You don’t have to change the address right away but set the reminder to do so when you move. If you use sites like Amazon or any other type of delivery service it will create a lot of inconvenience for you if you forget to update your information. Anything you order might be delivered to the previous address. When moving into a Dallas apartment, you should also inform your bank, insurance company, medical providers, etc. If you have children, this is also the right time to think about finding a new school if you are moving far.

2-3 weeks before the move you need to start packing

As the moving date grows nearer, you will have to start packing. First things first, you need to decide whether to hire a packing service Dallas moving company can offer you. Larger and heavier objects should be left to professionals to handle. If you want to do the packing yourself, buy and gather the needed materials in one place. You will need packing paper, bubble wrap, boxes, scissors, duck tape, and more. Before you start packing, you should decide what you need in your new home and what you will leave behind. Donating or selling some of the belongings you don’t need will make the packing process easier.

moving boxes
Make sure you have all the needed material for packing

1 week in advance, final touches

With less than ten days left before the move, most of the stuff should already be taken care of. Start marking the boxes if you haven’t done that when packing. Make an inventory to make sure that you have packed everything you need. This will also be useful later on, after moving into a Dallas apartment, to check if something got lost in the moving process. Decide what you are giving to the moving company to transport and what you are taking with you. Start preparing the personal luggage, things that are essential and that you’ll need right away.

The day of moving into a Dallas apartment

If you have prepared sufficiently that will take some of the pressure off on a moving day. The day you are moving into a Dallas apartment should be mostly about transiting your things from place A to place B. Still, check whether everything is properly packed and taped shut. Throw away any remaining trash. Before you start making your way to your new home make sure that all of your belongings have been loaded on the moving truck. Confirm that the movers know where to go and how to get there and that they have your contact information in case of an emergency. If things go smoothly, once everything arrives, it is time to start unpacking and steeling in.


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