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Moving Preparation - June 1, 2022

Moving is stressful and time-consuming, but it’s often necessary. During a relocation, choosing a location is the most important part. However, it can be hard to make the right choice. That’s why Texas moving professionals are here to help. We will help you decide if moving from Euless to Arlington is a good idea for you.

Moving from Euless to Arlington – What to expect

When thinking about relocating from Euless to Arlington there are many ways to compare them. In some ways, Arlington and Euless are similar. Both Arlington and Euless are located between Dallas and Fort Worth and enjoy close proximity to both cities. Let’s go into more detail. Some of the factors to take into consideration:

  • economic differences
  • education choices
  • crime rates
  • housing differences when moving from Euless to Arlington
Dallas, TX
A beautiful skyline of Dallas, a nearby city.


Arlington, which was once known for cotton ginning and agricultural products, is now predominantly an industrial and commercial center, with automotive and aerospace sectors that grew after 1950, along with a strong population expansion. Euless is smaller than Arlington and therefore offers less opportunity for employment.

According to movers Arlington TX, Arlington has less unemployment, but a slightly smaller average income compared to Euless. Other than that, other economic parameters are pretty similar, if not identical in some aspects. Service, healthcare, transportation, and manufacturing are some of the top industries in both cities.


While there are some highly-rated schools in Euless, like Treetops School International, you’ll find much more options in Arlington. Unlike Euless, Arlington is home to several public and private colleges and universities. That includes the University of Texas at Arlington, the largest university in North Texas. However, as movers Euless TX like to point out, the distances between the two cities are short enough, so commuting from one city to another shouldn’t be a problem.

Crime rate

One area where Euless has much better stats is the crime rate. The difference is quite large especially if you care the most about violent crime. In Euless, the violent crime rate is only 1.92 per 1000 residents, while the Arlington crime rate is 5.45 per 1000 residents.

Housing and cost of living

In Arlington cost of living is 3% higher than the national average, while in Euless it’s about 5% higher. Numbers are similar when comparing housing prices as well. Both cities have values slightly above the Texas average, so housing costs probably won’t be a major factor in your decision. Moving costs are pretty similar too, so hiring movers can be a great option.

An old building - Moving from Euless to Arlington
Moving from Euless to Arlington will give you more education choices.


When moving from Euless to Arlington, you can expect many similarities, especially in regard to the local economy and housing. The main difference is the availability of higher education, so if that’s important to you, we suggest moving to Arlington. If you have any further questions, local movers Texas are always ready to help. You can get a free quote, too! We strive to provide an affordable, reliable, safe, and flexible service to all of our customers.

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