Moving from a dorm to your first apartment

Hiring Moving Experts - February 15, 2020

Are you moving from a dorm to your first apartment? Congrats, you’re in for an adventure! You need affordable, convenient, attractive, for it to have all of the comforts you need, and to be not too far away from the city? Here are our top apartment-hunting tips for those moving from a dorm to your first apartment. There are so many options out there! That is why we are here to help you spot the perfect listing. Remember that an ideal situation doesn’t exist, but you can get pretty close by using tips from your experts Dallas Fort Worth movers. Here are some of the best ways to find a perfect apartment on a budget. Now let’s start hunting!

Optimize your search

Create a list of what you’re wishing for by using the following factors as guidelines.

1. Set your budget range before moving from a dorm to your first apartment.

Determine what square footage you can afford each month. Do that by calculating your income and outgoing expenses. You must remember to count in the cost of hiring long distance movers Fort Worth, groceries, transportation, social activities, utilities, and/or a gym membership. Include anything else that may go into your expenditures. Make sure you factor in realistic numbers so that you still have enough funds to build a savings account. You need a safety net in case of an emergency.

2. Do not go out of your price range.

Don’t waste precious time and your limited resources looking at spaces that are above your price range. If your budget for moving from a dorm to your first apartment is a little tight, focus on how to find a cheap apartment before booking your movers. Your top priorities should be safety and cleanliness. You are going to have to pass over the premier location or the kind of space your wealthier friends can afford.

3. Keep the bigger picture in mind.

Don’t be seduced by tiny benefits. If a landlord gives you a certain amenity as a bonus or lets you move in before the date, you may rush in. But it would be a waste if the condo doesn’t have one of your larger requirements. Make sure to stick to your priorities when moving from a dorm to your first apartment. Don’t compromise on the important things. Remember that bad compromise could lock you into a lease so deliberate on your decision before committing.

Take the time of year into consideration when moving from a dorm to your first apartment

Using websites is usually how you’d find a perfect apartment, though going on foot will often provide more opportunities.
  1.  Prices can be a lot higher in the summer because that’s when a lot of people tend to move or go searching for a new home. Depending on where your current dorm is and if you are following a schedule, it would be best to book movers from October to December or February through March.
  2. People usually avoid moving from a dorm to your first apartment during the holidays or when it is cold. But that could be your window of opportunity to take advantage of the dropping temperature and the competition.
  3. Apartments usually stay vacant during these months so you can expect some prices to drop. That is if you are willing to wait for a month or so.
  4. If you live in a large university, wait until after classes start in September. You may score a reduced rental rate.

Stock up before moving from a dorm to your first apartment

Before you graduate and officially lose your “student” status, you might want to do some shopping. Equip your apartment before finishing college so you can take advantage of your student discounts. For example, Amazon offers free two-day shipping for students and other price reductions on their Prime shopping. You should also check out these websites for some amazing student shopping discounts:

  • Sam’s Club
  • PB Teen
  • West Elm
  • Overstock

Make a list of essentials for your first apartment

You probably already own things from your dorm room that you can use in your apartment. However, you will still have to purchase quite a few things after moving from a dorm to your first apartment. Some apartments — in particular those close to college campuses — are usually furnished. But think of this as an exception rather than the rule. In most cases, you are moving from a dorm to your first apartment and into an empty space.

Here are some essentials you might need to add to your list when moving from a dorm to your first apartment:

  • Furniture for bedroom, dining room, living room
  • Bedding such as sheets, pillows, pillowcases, comforter
  • Pots and pans
  • Dishes
  • Cooking utensils and flatware
  • Cleaning supplies including a vacuum
  • Microwave
  • Coffee maker
  • Television
  • Coffee table
  • Rugs

 Think about amenities

Apart from the square footage, take into account the type of amenities you’re hoping for. For example, you might like furnished condos, non-smoking buildings, or pet-friendly condominium complexes. All of this comes practical when you want to narrow down your search further.

Maybe you could benefit from finding roommates?

If you hope to only pay around $600 to $700 per month, relax knowing that it’s still totally possible in many US cities. Sometimes, though, you will have to look outside of your desired area. Another option is to look for a roommate in order to get a perfect apartment in your ideal neighborhood.

Determine what square footage you can afford each month by calculating your income and outgoing expenses.

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If you have a small relocation, you can get an estimate over the phone from one of our consultants. This is great for people moving from a dorm to your first apartment since usually college graduates down own too many household items. However, if your move is larger, you should request from our representative to give you a written “Estimated Cost of Services” after a visual survey of your goods. We invite you to hesitate to take advantage of this service provided by our expert consultants!

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