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Moving Preparation - May 4, 2021

Each relocation is tied to many tasks and responsibilities. You must organize moving logistics, prepare for packing, and find reliable long distance movers Fort Worth. On top of it all, there is a question of moving costs and a moving deposit. People fear this topic simply because they are not sure if they will pull thru with the moving date and if movers will give the deposit back if something like this happens. So, today we will shed some light on the subject and explain how moving company deposits work. Let’s take a look.

Are moving company deposits a legal part of the process?

Ok, to avoid unnecessary expenses you can always let your friends can help you move. But they lack the experience, knowledge, and tools to perform. Therefore, most people choose a professional moving company to do it instead. Movers have certain rules in place and the most common are the moving company deposits. It is a completely legal way of protecting themselves against cancelations and unfortunate events. You must understand that movers are booked tight most of the time. But if a customer cancels last minute, it leaves a spot open that they cant fill. This way a moving company is losing money and the reputation. Therefore, the deposit is a way for them to secure that they will at least cover the basic expenses and hours invested into moving preparation.

moving company deposits are legal
Moving deposit is set in place to protect both sides from unpleasant situations.

Moving company deposits are always required

No, some moving companies do not ask for a deposit. Usually, those are new companies that are building the reputation and working their way toward the top of the moving industry. Such companies offer a lot of discounts and special offers to attract customers. But eventually, they set a moving deposit in place as well. But if you are working with reputable movers North Texas you can expect to pay a portion in advance. It is a required process to secure both sides. You will have your moving date scheduled and be sure your movers will arrive on time ready to move. On the other side, movers will have their moving date booked, and expect to work and have a steady income. Both sides win.

How does it work?

It is quite simple. Depending on the size of your move, the weight of your cargo, hours invested, the complexity of it all, your movers will provide moving quotes Fort Worth. Once they have the final number, moving company deposits are determined by the percentage of the overall price. Usually, it is 10%-20% but it may be even lower depending on the following situations:

  • Negotiation
  • Day of the week
  • Peak and non-peak season
  • Size and complexity of the move
A twenty percent sign
You can receive a discount depending on the situation. Remember to negotiate with your mvoers.

So, your movers can even agree and receive a down payment of $100 if there is mutual trust and a healthy working relationship. If you are using their services for the second time and you already know each other, you might not even have to pay the deposit at all.

Choose your moving date and hit the road

So, to avoid all the unpleasant situations regarding cancelation, you must be determined. If you finally decided to move, you should pick a moving date. Then, take a moving cost calculator and add all the expenses to it. You will reach the final moving price after you evaluate your move and realize the complexity of it. Also, you’ll know how much furniture, belongings, and other miscellaneous items you must pack. Add packing supplies to it and you are all set. Then, toss in a deposit as well along with your mover’s estimates and you’ll have your moving price. Moving date is extremely important because that is usually the reason for cancelation or rescheduling. If your movers move the date you’ll be compensated or rewarded with one of the free services. But if you cancel, be sure your movers are keeping the deposit.

Now you know more about the moving company deposits. It is a simple process to keep both sides shielded from scams and irregularities. So, make sure your moving date is in place and that you’ll honor your part of the deal. Good luck.

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