Most commonly forgotten items when moving

Moving Preparation - June 14, 2021

Moving is can be challenging and stressful. And it can sometimes happen that you forget some items during relocation.  There are some commonly forgotten items when moving. It can happen to anyone, no matter if you are moving to another city or just a couple of blocks away. In a rush or hurry, you forget some of your essentials to pack. That is why you should prepare in advance, and pay attention to the smallest details. Make a list that will help you track and pack your belongings. You can hire full service movers Dallas residents recommend. And they will make sure to pack your items and transport them safely to your new location.

The commonly forgotten items when moving

While you are rushing to get organized and get your things in order, your belongings can occasionally be misplaced or forgotten altogether. Those can be various items, that is why you should always make a list of your belongings.

Man writing in notebook.
Make a list in order to stay focused.

Here is a list of the commonly forgotten items when moving:

  • Personal records – One of the most commonly forgotten items when moving. These include all of your personal tax, dental, health, financial, and whatever other documents you’ll need well after the move to your new home. Make sure to pack them first just after you decide to relocate. For other items, you can also hire a professional packing service. And they will safely pack them for you.
  • Valuables – Jewelry and other valuable items are often forgotten because they are mostly placed in well-hidden areas of your home. You want to pack those items and take them with you on your moving day.
  • Library books – People often don’t forget to pack their own books, but when it comes to borrowed books they mostly do forget to return them back. Make sure to return all lent and borrowed library books to their proper library.
  • Dry cleaning – Due to a busy timeline while moving, people forget their clothes at the dry cleaning. Try to recover your clothes before the moving day, so you can take them with you.
  • Keys – All kinds of keys can be forgotten during the moving process. House, car, cabinet, or safe keys. You do not want to forget those, cause if you do, it can really be difficult afterward.

Other things that you might forget during the move

You can basically forget a lot of stuff during the relocation. Stress and limited time to prepare for the whole move will make you forget pretty much anything. That is why you should try to make a plan with a detailed list. Evolution Moving DFW is going to make sure you relocate with ease. So you can focus on more important tasks when moving.

Plant in a room.
Plants can be sometimes tricky to relocate.

Plants are among other items that you may forget during relocation. They can be really tricky to relocate because you do not want to spill dirt all over your old home while moving it to the truck. It would be good to find professional movers who offer moving services Fort Worth residents gladly recommends. They will ensure that your plants are relocated safely and correctly. Medicine is often left in cabinets and closets, and it should not be forgotten. You might have some prescription medication or supplements which you need regularly. And you for sure don’t want to skip those.

Among the things that most people forget to do is to inform the post office of their change of address. And you will not be able to get a hold of important bills and other significant mail. Make sure to do this as soon as you find a new place for relocation. When it comes to your household tools, make sure that you collect all of them and place them in a toolbox that is easy to carry and manage. Gardening tools such as hoses, lawnmowers are also items that can be easily forgotten. Make a checklist for easier tracking.

Miscellaneous items that are commonly forgotten when moving

Along your way, you should remove any items plugged into outlets. Chargers especially are important in this era of smartphones and tablets. And you want to be sure that you have all charges for your devices. Pack them in a box and label them, so you won’t have trouble finding them after unpacking.

Charging cables.
Chargers and charging cables are among the items that you should try not to forget when moving.

Another group of items people forget are their trash and recycle bins. Mostly because you will find them outside your home. You do not want to leave your trash for the new residents, so as soon as you are packed for the move, dispose of it. Many people forget their coffee makers and other kitchen appliances. Such as microwaves, toasters, etc. It can be really difficult to track your items and prepare for relocation. You can get easily distracted and lose focus. That is why you should write everything on a piece of paper, a checklist, and tasks as preparation. On that list also goes to find a reliable moving company. So they can help you with packing and transportation.

You should also try not to forget to pack an essential bag for your moving day. It should include snacks such as protein bars, apples, bananas, etc. And also you want to stay hydrated, so a bottled of water is a must you should have.


Commonly forgotten items when moving can be various things. From important documents, personal records to tools, keys, coffee makers, and many other items. In order to avoid it, you need to prepare well. Make a detailed list of your belongings and create tasks, so you can prioritize them. That will help you maintain your focus, so you won’t forget any of your belongings. Moving can be stressful for sure, but it can also be a fun experience if you do the prep work the right way. So you can afterward enjoy your new home and your new city.

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