Leaving DFW area: where do people usually move to

Before the Move - August 8, 2022

The Dallas-Fort Worth metro region boasts a unique blend of Texas pride and cosmopolitan goods, delivering both big-city excitement and calm, suburban life. While Dallas residents enjoy the hip neighborhood pubs and a wide variety of retail stores, the cowboy lifestyle (the one that still reminds us of the old Texas days) is still present in Fort Worth. And sports fans unite around their favorite professional sports teams, no matter where in the metroplex they call home. However, there are still people who are leaving DFW area, with the help of Dallas Fort Worth movers. Even though there is a great number of people who are moving to DFW, and this is the top destination in Texas for new residents, there are those who decide to move from this area. If you are among those people, keep reading to find out where to go.

Which state do people who leave the DFW area usually go to?

Even though the people who leave the DFW area usually go to some other part of Texas, there are those who decide to move to another state. The main choices are usually California, Colorado, and Florida. Thanks to long distance movers TX, these kinds of relocations are usually easily conducted. Some of the main reasons people choose to move to these states are the weather and job opportunities. For example, summers in FL are much more pleasant than in TX. Also, if you want a job in the tech or film industry, there is no way that you can find a better place for that than in CA.  On the other hand, there is the situation that is the other way round. Namely, people from CA have been leaving the state in great numbers recently. And, they are moving mainly to Texas, more precisely, to the DFW area.

Suburban houses
People leaving DFW area often move to Houston

Where in Texas do the people leaving DFW area move?

Living in Dallas-Fort Worth has many advantages. Among them are the cost of living and diversity. However, there are some reasons for which many people from this area decide to relocate to another part of Texas. One of the greatest disadvantages and something that drives people in DFW crazy is the traffic jams. Sometimes it is literally impossible to function throughout the day. In addition to that, the public transportation system is not very developed and it is at a low level.

So, people who decide to leave DFW, usually go to:

  • Houston,
  • San Antonio,
  • and Austin.

Why do people move to Houston from DFW?

When people decide to move to Houston from DFW, that is probably job-related, or they have a strong personal reason. Houston has more similarities with DFW area, especially with Dallas, than we would think at first. Both are extremely diverse cities, though business in Houston is a little bit different. In addition to being near the southern border, Houston is also a prominent participant in international trade, which has increased the city’s economic options and added to the region’s diversity. Over the past two decades, dozens of foreign-owned businesses have moved into this Texas metropolis. Additionally, these international expansions bring with them a wider spectrum of skills and aptitude, as well as greater employment prospects for locals.

It is no wonder that local movers Dallas have their arms full when it comes to this kind of relocation. However, there are some cons to moving from DFW to Houston. The traffic is as bad as in DWF. The public transportation system is also underdeveloped. Depending on the area you choose to relocate to, driving will likely be your main way of transit to the city center.

San Antonio is a great city to move to

Leaving DFW area means that you can relocate to San Antonio, which is the second largest city in Texas. The main reason why people love moving to San Antonio is its affordability. Purchasing a property in one of San Antonio’s top neighborhoods is quite reasonable. Unless you live in the city, buying is often quite simple and inexpensive. Don’t wait too long, though, if you’re hoping to buy. Over the past few years, the median property price in the San Antonio market has steadily increased. In San Antonio, $176,000 is the median home price. That means it is 29% lower than the national average.

San Antonio Texas
People like living in San Antonio

Another reason why people from DFW area decide to hire apartment movers Dallas and move to San Antonio are job opportunities. The unemployment rate in San Antonio is lower than both the state and national averages. Compared to other Texas towns, this successful metropolis had job growth of over 3% over the recent couple of years.

Moving to Austin

Austin is one of the most friendly cities in Texas, and that is why many people choose to move there when they leave DFW. This is especially the case with millennials. People in Austin are open and outgoing and it is easy to meet them or start random conversations. In addition to that, this is an environmentally-friendly city. There are many trails for all kinds of outdoor activities. You can never run out of things to do in Austin. Austin, which sits in the center of Texas, is a strange, culturally diverse, and exquisitely delicious food paradise. It creates a fantastic metropolis that is as lively as it is historic, and it features music, history, culture, gastronomy, and art. The success of residing in Austin, Texas may appear assured.

Austin in Texas as a symbols of a city where people move after leaving DFW area
Austin is one of the most beautiful cities in Texas

A disadvantage of living in the city of Austin is the same as in most Texas cities, including DFW area. If you move there, you will most likely have to use the car a lot, because public transport is also unreliable. If you don’t mind that, moving to Austin would be a great decision.

Texas offers a lot of great places for life

As you have read, people are leaving DFW area mostly for strong personal reasons. The good news is that, even though some decide to leave the state as well, most people choose only to relocate to another area. Texas has a lot to offer and people enjoy living there.

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