Items you should transport personally

Packing Tips - September 21, 2021

Moving can cause a person a lot of stress. Having some items that you hold dear close to you will make this process at least a bit easier. This is because you will know all the time where your valuables are. When you hire one of the best movers in Fort Worth, you will think that that is it. This is often not the case. Some items are better off moving with you, and in this guide, we will explain why. Find out which items you should transport personally down below.

Personal items are items you should transport personally

The first item that you probably think about when you say personal items should be your important documents. Documents should always be kept close to you, not just during a move. Your ID, driver’s license, passport, and other items can easily get lost in the process. Because of that, it is recommended to carry the bag with documents with you. North Dallas Movers will take great care of your things but you will probably need one of those documents at some point.

Items that you should transport personally are definitely your documents
You will for sure need your documents at some point when moving

Essentials bag

The overnight essential bag should contain all the items that you will need the first night when you get to your new home. It is much easier to have a bag with all the needed items than unpacking everything trying to find something. The packing service will pack everything in labeled boxes, but who wants to do this before going to sleep? This bag should contain several things like:

  • Oral hygiene essentials
  • Items needed for taking a shower ( this is on the list of the items you should transport personally because you will want to shower after moving, trust us!)
  • Change of clothes
  • Pajamas

It goes without saying that it will be much more convenient to carry this bag with you than putting it in the moving truck.

Living beings

Living beings that you might own should also travel with you. Here we are mostly addressing plants that cannot make it in the dark for too long. It obviously depends on how long the trip will be from your old place to the new one. Either way, you should reconsider transporting your plant with you. If it is a long-distance move, performed by one of the long distance movers Fort Worth, your plants will probably get harmed. They will probably be good in a moving truck if the trip is less than half an hour long.

Pink orchid flower
If you are a flower enthusiast, you will be at peace knowing that your flowers are safe with you


In this list, we won’t just be talking about actual items. An important part of your family should also travel with you, and that is your pet. Moving with pets is also stressful for them, because like you they need to get used to new surroundings. It doesn’t matter what kind of pet you have, they are your family and they should be treated like that. You wouldn’t let anyone you love to travel in the back of a dark moving truck, so you shouldn’t do that to your pet either.

Items you should transport personally – conclusion

These are the things that should go with you to your new home. But if you feel like there are other things that you want to keep near you, feel free to also pack them. A checklist might come in handy here so that you know what you have packed. We wish you good luck and a happy transition to your new home!

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