Is hiring long distance movers Texas a worthwhile investment?

Hiring Moving Experts - January 14, 2020

It always takes a lot of effort to organize a relocation. It is even harder if you need to move long-distance. You will surely be tempted to try to organize it on your own instead of hiring movers. After all, hiring movers can be quite expensive, especially if you need to hire professionals for a long-distance relocation. So, before you make a final decision, it is important to compare two options. Hiring movers or moving on your own, that’s the question. The bottom line’s to figure out will the money you save be worth handling an entire relocation on your own. Especially nowadays when you can stumble upon affordable movers in Fort Worth. Let’s find out is hiring long-distance movers in Texas worth your money.

Hiring long-distance movers in Texas has its cost

Let’s begin by explaining the average cost of moving cross-country with the help from moving companies in Dallas, Fort Worth. The average price is about $2700. But, depending on the number of items you have and how far you’re moving, the final price will vary. In general, long-distance movers charge $2000-$5000 per load and $.50 per pound. Therefore, the less stuff you have, the cheaper your relocation will be. On the other hand, there are other expenses you can expect to encounter when hiring long-distance movers in Texas. For example:

  • insurance, which costs typically 1% of the valuation of your items,
  • mileage and gas, depending on how far you’re moving,
  • extra fees for special items such as pianos or pool tables.
Hiring long-distance movers Texas has its cost.
Make sure to know all the expenses of your relocation if you plan on hiring long-distance movers in Texas.

Moving on your own as opposed to hiring long-distance movers

If you opt for moving by yourself, you have to take care of many things. First, you are the only one responsible for driving long-distance with your belongings. Also, there are a lot of expenses you have to take into consideration. For example, gas, food, and insurance for your belongings. Then, you have to think about the fees for renting a truck, which isn’t negligible. Finally, if necessary, you might need to stay in a hotel overnight, depending on how far you’re moving.

Besides the physical expenses, some expenses can’t be measured


There’s no doubt you will need to invest a lot of time if you’re moving without movers. It takes a lot of time to pick up the rental truck and physically moving your stuff into it. Then, you need to drive and unload all the items. All of it requires time. In case you are tied down by a job, this isn’t the best option. On the other hand, if you have the time off, it may be worth it.

Emotional toll

Even the most organized and relaxed people often get overwhelmed and stressed while moving. If you are moving your belongings on your own, the situation can be even more stressful. Before you decide to pick the DIY option, make sure you’re prepared for the emotional toll that moving may take.

Hiring long distance movers will reduce stress.
Doing a whole relocation on your own won’t reduce the stress as hiring long-distance movers would.

Relying on the help from others

Another downside of moving on your own, instead of hiring long-distance movers, is the unreliability of other people. That means that your friend who agreed to help you to load and unload for free will be less reliable. On the other hand, paid movers will surely show up on time and professionally do their job. After all, that’s what they do for a living, right?

Before hiring long-distance movers in Texas, do a check-up

Sadly, there are many shady moving companies in the market. Before you pick one of that kind, read on and find out the tips that might come in handy.

Ask around in several places

The best way to find a reliable and affordable moving company is to get quotes from several companies. Preferably three of four. Trust us, being able to compare prices will pay off in the end. The downside is that this process might be time-consuming.

Explore before hiring long distance movers in Texas.
Browse the internet to find details about long-distance movers in Texas.

Read the reviews online

There’s no better way to check up a moving company than to read reviews from previous clients. Other people’s opinions and experiences will be of great help. But beware of one-star reviews, as it often happens that mad customers leave it intentionally. Also, pay attention to five-star reviews as well, as those are maybe the company’s friends or family.

Ask all the questions you have

Logically, as more you know from the beginning, the less surprised you’ll be when you get the final bill. So, before hiring a moving company, collect as many details about their rates as possible. Especially if you have any special requests.

Check the moving company’s credentials

Last, but not the least, ask the movers for their license number. Then, look them up on the lists of reputable moving companies.

The summary- is hiring long-distance movers in Texas worthwhile?

Before you finally answer this question, you have to calculate the costs of each. There are many possibilities to find the best long-distance moving company. The advantage of hiring movers is that you can lean on their professionalism and experience. Sure, it will cost you more than doing it all on your own. But sometimes moving on your own simply isn’t worth the trouble. Meanwhile, if you’re leaning toward not hiring long-distance movers, do the math. Calculate all the expenses involved so you don’t end up paying more than your budget allows you. Finally, sometimes the difference in cost between the two might be minimal, and worthwhile hiring long-distance movers Texas. Because hiring professionals will provide a certain level of stress-relief that moving on your own won’t.


If you decide that hiring long-distance movers in Texas are a worthwhile investment, you will not regret it. Finally, you will end up significantly less stressed, with both yourself and familial relationships feeling less strained. Whichever option you choose, we wish you a successful relocation. Good luck!

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