How to unpack in a day – simple guide

After the Relocation - October 26, 2019

You’ve probably heard lots of advice on how to prepare for moving. But what about hacks on how to unpack in a day after a move? This process is just as important. And judging by the number of people who live out of boxes months after relocation, it seems that hiring the best movers in Fort Worth is, simply put, a smart investment. And while we unpack in a day your entire house, you can head out to your local USPS and change your address.

Even though you might opt for professional movers to do this for you, we’ve got some advice for you on how to unpack in a day. Read on to learn more about how to tackle this challenge strategically for maximum effectiveness. If you follow our guidance, you can become fully settled in your new home as soon as possible after moving day.

Person writing in a notebook
Make sure you make a copy of your inventory list—give one to your moving company and track your belongings while you move.

Unpack in a day by using our effective system

When it comes to relocating to a new address, everyone’s different. For some people, packing up is a tedious moving chore but unpacking at the new home provides them with a feeling of joy. Settling in fills them up with energy and opportunity. A lot of other people love the anticipation that comes with packing up the household, but they hate the boring challenges of unpacking once the moving trucks have left furniture and boxes at the new house. Whichever side you’re on, following a basic process can make unpacking in a day possible. Which is good news for everyone.

Tips for efficient unpacking

  • First, unpack the essentials box, then take your time with the rest of the house.
  • Plan the layout of each room before you start unpacking. You’ll only create chaos.
  • Anticipate needs before they arise. Instead of procrastinating with lining cabinet shelves or installing closet organizers, do it at the beginning, when it’s most efficient.
  • Make your new space your own as soon as possible. Hang family photos around the house early in the unpacking process. It really helps with motivation if you want to unpack in a day.
  • Delegate work – each member of the family should unpack their own bedroom. You can unpack in a day if your kids to participate as well.
  • Try to take a break and use it to enjoy your new place once you have the main unpacking tasks completed. If you can, organize a fun unpacking party for the whole family to enjoy.
Ruffled white linen
After the kitchen, put the beds together and unpack the linens for each bedroom.

Distribute your boxes strategically

It can be tempting to just throw all of your moving boxes in a pile in the hallway. Everyone says they will sort them out later. However, we’d strongly advise against this if you are trying to unpack in a day. Instead, we recommend hiring moving services Fort Worth and taking the time to sort out the boxes according to the rooms they belong in as soon as you unload them from the moving truck.

  • In order to do this effectively, every box should have a clear label of the room in which it belongs. This way, your attempt to unpack in a day can have a well-organized start.
  • Before you start getting impatient and begin randomly opening boxes, you should be aware of what it is you are unpacking. Ideally, your packing process went by usage or by room category, according to our experts at Evolution Moving DFW. That way all that’s left do is make sure you examine box labels and start opening them in the room they correspond to.

Start with the necessities

But first, you should unpack the essentials box (or luggage). This should be one of the first boxes you get from the car. It shouldn’t really travel in the moving truck, but if you believe your truck will arrive at the same time you do, it is fine. These are the essential items you need to have in order to feel at home in the first week or so. These essentials will usually include basic toiletries, medications, books, and paperwork with key addresses and telephone numbers. As well as some basic kitchen accessories.

Unpack in a day: kitchen edition

There is a way to unpack the kitchen quickly, but first, you need to line the cabinets and shelf. Then you can start getting items out and putting them away. If you’ve labeled the boxes meticulously, you should be able to find everything you need fairly quickly. Go through the pots, pans and dishes quickly, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Then hook up the major appliances, plug in any small appliances that make your everyday life a little easier, like the coffee pot and toaster.

A motorbike in a garage is easy to unpack in a day
One of the last spaces to unpack is the garage and basement. Since most garage items aren’t really essential, you should take this opportunity to organize the space before you unpack.

Bedrooms shouldn’t be a huge challenge if you want to unpack in a day

Ideally, you should have a single set of linens set aside for each bed when you move in. If so, it’s ideal because you can get your beds ready for the first night easily. You’ll thank us later when you hit the sack after a long, tiring day of unpacking. Before setting up furniture, decide on its furniture placement before you start unboxing items. Decide on closet organization. Installing shelving and organizing units before you start to unpack in a day will make the process more streamlined. It will save you so much future work.

Also, if you have large pieces of furniture that need mechanical assembly, like bookcases or entertainment centers, put them together only after you have determined where all the furniture goes. It is a waste of time to assemble large items and then not be able to move them because of their weight.

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